April 22

Why You’re Better Off With a Larger Water Tank

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Why you’re better off with a larger water tank

A larger tank naturally means capturing more water, but did you know that it can also save you money?

That’s right – the cost per litre gets smaller and smaller the larger you go. It’ll cost you some dollars upfront, but when you’re looking at the endgame, it’ll be one of the savviest financial decisions you’ve ever made.

Based on the average cost of water in New South Wales, a GT20 tank with a capacity of 19,100 litres costs 30 cents per litre. Upsize to a GT250, which can catch 247,974 litres, and you’re looking at 9 cents per litre – what a saving!

But don’t take our word for it – take it from Ciara. She installed a tank on her Perth property back in 2017, which she uses for her household and garden, growing a small orchard and vegetable beds.

“The water tank has helped immensely with growing our own food – I don’t think I could afford the water bill if I didn’t have the water supply,” she says.

But having a larger tank guarantees you so much more than the financial benefit. It offers you peace of mind.


You can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a supply of fresh water at your fingertips – a huge relief if you’re either not connected to mains water, or you want to cut ties in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle.

“The water tank has helped immensely with growing our own food – I don’t think I could afford the water bill if I didn’t have the water supply,”

Ciara – Pioneer Water Tank owner, Perth Western Australia

Megan and Dan recently purchased a GT250 tank for their 5-acre property to ensure enough water for both their house and garden.


“We needed a huge tank to accommodate all our water usage due to no mains supply,” says Megan.

With a larger tank, they know that their water needs are covered, and they won’t have to go through the hassle of upgrading their storage capacity later down the track.


A larger water tank not only guarantees you water for domestic purposes, it can be a safeguard against bushfires.


All Pioneer Water Tanks can be fitted with a fire protection valve, a reserve supply of water which assists local authorities to protect your home if it comes under threat. The more water you have, the better off your home is.

Safeguarding against Australia’s wild climate doesn’t end there – there’s also drought to account for. A larger water tank ensures you’ve got a supply of water for a not so rainy day.


For Spence and Kerrie from The Block, that was one of their biggest reasons for going bigger. They went for the GT250.


“We decided to go with a much bigger tank than we probably needed, purely to have that back-up in case we’re caught in drought,” says Spence.


“Now that the tank is installed, we’re happy to see the continuous supply of water.”


Water is Australia’s most precious resource, and a larger tank protects the sanctity of our precious water and makes the most of rainfall.


Are you doing your bit to ensure a strong water future?

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