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Pioneer Vegetable Irrigation Tanks

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Pioneer's Steel Water Tanks have been supporting Vegetable Growers in WA for over 30 years

Vegetable growing occurs all across Western Australia, with the wide ranging climate regions allowing for different vegetables to be grown in plenty depending on the region. With 10 qualified tank installers located all across Western Australia, Pioneer Water Tanks are able to assist with all of your irrigation water storage needs.

Vegetables, including essential oils, truffles and mushrooms, make up more than half of Western Australia's horticultural exports, making it a significant part of the Australian economy. With the advantage of being counter seasonal to the Northern Hemisphere, Western Australian horticultural exports and domestic sales continue to grow, and the farm gate value of vegetable production in Western Australia in 2012 was $336 million while the retail value was close to $1 billion.

While much of Western Australia's vegetable horticultural activity occurs in regions where there is reasonable or significant rainfall, much of the state still experiences long dry periods - sometimes months long - during the summer, and require water on hand. With a range of steel agricultural water storage tanks from 12 000L to 500 000L, Pioneer has a water storage solution for every operation.

Western Australian vegetables and horticulture

Western Australia's vegetable growers industry is significant and far reaching, with an estimated production value of $317 million and 9669 hectares used for vegetable production in the state.

Possibly surprising to many, is the fact that Carrots are the largest horticultural export industry in the state, valued at more than $75 million annually, with WA making up more than 80% of Australia's carrot exports. Second - and a long way behind - is potatoes, valued at $5.2 million.

Most other vegetables are produced for the domestic market, and major vegetable growing operations in the state include
capsicums and chillies, broccoli and cauliflower, garlic, onions, tomatoes and a list to exhaustive to list here - allowing fresh fruit grocer and major supermarkets alike all across the state to stay stocked with fresh local produce.

Western Australian Mushrooms, Truffles and other Fungi

Included in Western Australia's vegetable growing horticultural sector is the growing of Mushrooms and Truffles, of which Western Australia is seen as a premium producer and in 2019 the state exported 90% of Australia’s truffles and mushrooms - with most of the state’s truffle production from Manjimup.

Truffle growing is a long process, and currently there are more than 70 known truffle orchards in Western Australia, mostly located in the South West. Due to the time consuming nature of truffle growing, the industry continues to grow as crops reach maturity.

The climate in the South West has a strongly winter-dominant rainfall. Because of this; irrigation is crucial for truffle production. In the establishment phase, trees may need watering every second or third day, depending on conditions and soil type.

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