Western Australian Sheep Water Tanks

The Western Australian Sheep, Goat and Camelid Industry

Pioneer Water Tanks for Graziers

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Pioneer have been servicing the Sheep and Camelid Industry for over 30 years

Pioneer Water Tanks proudly works alongside sheep, goat and camelid graziers, and has done for more than thirty years, helping Western Australians produce all sorts of woollen products, alongside the ever growing domestic and international lamb markets.

Most of Western Australia's sheep are located in the Southern Agricultural zones of the state, as they prefer to graze on fresher greener grasses, and aren't as hardy as cattle or goats.

The sheep flock in Western Australia numbers upward of 14 million, making it half the size of the total flock in New Zealand - a nation famous for its lamb and wool production.

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a range of steel water tank sizes from 12,000L up to 500,000L, ensuring that no matter the size or scale of your grazing operation, we have the right solution for you.

Western Australian Sheep for Wool

Western Australia produces an almost astonishing amount of wool, with 71 kilograms being produced in 2017, making up more than 20% of the total wool production in Australia. Unlike many other livestock industries, there are more than 4500 sheep producers located across the state, making it a diverse and grass roots operation.

More than 95% of Western Australian wool production is merino wool, with 41% of it being classified as super-fine wool (under 19.5 micron), with the bulk of this demand being mainland china.

A growing advantage in the wool industry has been the transition to a dual-product wool and meat industry, as international demand for mutton increases, increasing the value of wool-producing sheep flocks.

Western Australian Lamb and Mutton

In the 80's and 90's, lamb was one of the more affordable meats on the Australian market, with one trade lamb setting you back about 4 percent of the Australian weekly wage. Today however, due to increased demand both domestically and internationally, one trade lamb sits more around the 9 percent mark.

This hasn't eased Australian hunger for lamb products, however, with markets still seeing steady increases in sales volume and sales values.

A once commonly eaten meat by low income households across Australia - mutton - seems to be a long forgotten staple domestically, but is greatly assisting Australian sheep producers with its demand overseas with China and the Middle East consuming large amounts of the product.

Western Australian Goats and Camelids

In addition to the popularity of sheep grazing in Western Australia, there are also hundreds of goat farms, alpaca farms and llama farms, along with other camelids across the state.

Alpaca farms alone number around 150, producing unique wool blends, particularly on hobby farms and small multi-use properties. There are an estimated total of more than 300,000 camelids located in Western Australia, both domestic and feral.

Goats, much like sheep, are predominantly located in the southern rangelands, and see between 75,000 and 100,000 head sold annually, making a tidy profit in its own corner of the economy.

These graziers also tend to need high quality water tanks, if only to fill stock troughs and to prevent loss of water caused by evaporation in the summer months, to protect the value of their assets.

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