Western Australian Poultry Water Tanks

The Western Australian Poultry Industry

Pioneer Chicken Water Tanks

  • Revolutionary world first Aqualiner Fresh┬« antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Backed by a local dealer network offering high quality local knowledge
  • Exclusive 8-80 V-Lock┬« tank wall panel
  • Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket
  • 20 Year conditional warranty
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Pioneer's Steel Water Tanks have been servicing the Poultry Industry for over 30 years

Pioneer Water Tanks have built tanks for all areas of Western Australia's agriculture industry, and chickens and poultry are no different. Particularly as laying hens need up to 1 litre a day in Western Australia's warm-temperate climate, and meat birds much more than this due to their fast growth rate.

And this is all before even considering how much water is needed for misters in large production sheds!

While Western Australia is home to a wide range of poultry, including pigeons, turkeys, quail, and more, the bulk of Western Australia's poultry industry is made up by chickens - and in particular the chicken meat industry.

With water storage options from 12,000L up to 500,000L, there is sure to be a tank for you, with the option to link up multiple tanks to achieve over a megalitre of storage on large operations with misters and thousands of thirsty hens to tend to.

Western Australian Broiler Chickens

The Western Australian Poultry Industry is predominantly comprised of meat birds - or broiler chickens - which make up roughly 80% of the state's earnings from poultry.

This is an ever growing industry, which processes around 50 million birds a year - a number which sounds impressively large, until you consider the fact that the average Australian consumes almost 50 kilos of chicken meat annually, and then it all adds up.

Despite exports dropping due to global pricing pressure in recent years, the local demand for poultry meat remains steady, and the broiler industry continues to experience growth. Much like other aspects of the livestock industry - and perhaps even more so - there is a push toward free range chickens thanks to consumer pressure.

Western Australian Laying Hens

Whilst not being the money maker that the meat industry is, the Western Australian egg industry produced 34 million dozen (or 408 million) eggs in 2016/17, with a move to free range seeing more than a third of all laying hens in the state being free range production.

Most eggs are purchased locally, and are sold fresh rather than processed, and the industry continues to move towards free range and barn laid systems, as consumers move away from caged eggs.

It is estimated also that over 400,000 homes in Western Australia have their own chickens, as eggs remain one of the true staples of the Australian diet.

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