Western Australian Piggery Water Tanks

The Western Australian Pig Farming Industry

Pioneer Water Tanks for Piggeries

  • Revolutionary world first Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Backed by a local dealer network offering high quality local knowledge
  • Exclusive 8-80 V-Lock® tank wall panel
  • Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket
  • 20 Year conditional warranty
pig pens dotting the grass in front of a large building with a pioneer water tank

Pioneer have been servicing the Pork and Pig Farming Industry for over 30 years

Pioneer Water Tanks provides world class water storage solutions to the vital agricultural and livestock industries all across Australia, and the Western Australian pork industry is no different.

There are few things more Australian that cooking up a full breakfast with bacon and eggs, or simply a bacon and egg sanga after a big night out, and relishing in the taste of top quality Aussie pork.

The pork industry in Western Australia is recognised for not only the high quality meat and product it produces, but also for the rearing of pigs under top quality production systems that place a high priority on animal welfare.

The recommendation for watering the average pig is anywhere from 3 litres a day for weaning piglets, up to a whopping 45 litres a day for lactating sows, meaning high quality water storage is always important for piggeries. And with water tanks guaranteed to last - you can rest assured that your pigs will be well watered for years to come.

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a range of steel water tank sizes from 12,000L up to 500,000L, ensuring that no matter the size or scale of your piggery - free range or otherwise - we have the right solution for you.

Western Australian pig farming for pork and livestock products

The Western Australian pork industry has been an extremely concentrated one for most of its history, with 12 major producers making up more than three quarters of Western Australia's sow herd, however as there has been an increase in free range production, many smaller scale free range and organic farms have taken advantage of this market growth.

Western Australia has over 250 000 pigs for pork production in the state, and the vast majority of this pork is sold domestically, with large supermarket chains relying on Australia to help provide pork products on a national level.

The average Australian eats around 20-25kg of pork annually, which despite being significantly lower than beef or chicken consumption, is still higher than that of lamb or other meat sources. Much of this is thanks to the amount of pork that gets consumed in the form of bacon, ham and smallgoods, which make up somewhere around 70% of all pork consumption in Australia.

While beef obviously holds all the power when it comes to the most useful by-products, particularly with bladders and balls no longer being made from pig-skin or other by-products, that doesn't mean that there aren't incredibly useful products made from the leftovers from pork production.

As well as many fatty products and bone products, like fertiliser and lubricants that are made from all sorts of meat by-products, the leftovers from the pork industry are crucial for making insulin and heart valves, thanks to the similar biological chemistry between humans and pigs. So next time you're eating pork, remember to say thanks for helping keep your diabetic friend or family member healthy.

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