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Pioneer's Steel Water Tanks have been servicing the Growers Industry for over 30 years

When growing food, it is no secret that a significant amount of water is required, and Pioneer Water Tanks have a longstanding relationship with Australia's Growers, from irrigation tanks, to storage for preventing evaporation, to process water for wineries or washing fruits for transport.

The last major report from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development showed that horticulture had one of the highest value per hectare ratings of all Australian agriculture businesses with gross value of production per hectare for horticulture coming in at $28 315 per hectare, in comparison to the agriculture wide average at $107 per hectare.

Fruit and vegetables intended for human consumption - alongside nursery industries - occupied 32 225 hectares of land in Western Australia as of the 2018 report, with fruit and nuts occupying 64% of this area (approx. 20 500 hectares), and vegetables and other horticulture occupying 30% of the area (approx. 9500 hectares).

With options for rainwater stanks or irrigation water storage ranging between 12 000L and a whopping 500,000L, there's sure to be a water tank that suits your needs and keeps your crops, orchards or horticulture watered and healthy.

No matter where you are in Western Australia - or in fact anywhere across the country - a Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network member will be nearby, helping to provide a local touch to each and every installation of a Pioneer Water Tank.

Western Australian growers of citrus and orchards

Located just a stone's throw from Gingin and the Chittering Valley - two of the state's strongest citrus regions - Pioneer Water Tanks have plenty of experience building water tanks in these areas.

Citrus trees need plenty of water in hot weather - conditions which also help them grow -  and the bulk of Western Australia's citrus growing region is in hot areas such as Gingin and the Chittering Valley near Perth, and Kununurra and Carnarvon further north, making it important that there is adequate water storage to get through the long dry summers these areas experience.

This water storage can come in the form of large rainwater tanks, harvesting water off of farm sheds in the hills around Perth storing water for the summer, or multiple tanks designed to last the year round in the much drier regions of Carnarvon and Kununurra.

Western Australian wineries and viticulture

One of the things Western Australia is most famous for is its wine regions, attracting thousands from across the state, country and even overseas to tour wineries and restaurants across these regions.

Home to three major winegrowing regions, in Margaret River, the Swan Valley and Great Southern region which allow for their own distinctive wine styles and varieties,  with approximately 500 winegrowers operating across 800 separate vineyards in the state.

Although Western Australia produces only 5% of Australia’s total wine volume, it represents 12% of the total wine value and 30% of the fine wines. In the 2016/17 financial year the production value of grapes grown in the state - inclusive of wine grapes - was $106 million, and the Western Australian wine industry exported $48.2 million of product to more than 60 countries. 

With Pioneer Water Tanks located in the City of Swan, almost walking distance from the famous Swan Valley winemaking region, and with a dedicated dealer located in Margaret River, servicing the wine growing regions of the South West, Pioneer is well equipped to handle the needs of wineries and grape growers across the state.


Western Australian growers of vegetables, roots and fungi

Vegetable exports in Western Australia continue to grow, as farmers across the state take advantage of Australia being counter seasonal to the large markets of the Northern Hemisphere.

Vegetables make up more than half of all horticultural exports from Western Australia, with an estimated production value of $317 million and an export value of $95 million. The state has a premium market for truffles and mushrooms, with 79% of Australian exports originating in Western Australia.

Estimates have Western Australia's irrigation coming in at 520,000 megalitres annually, with 65% of this being consumed in the South West of the State while the remaining 35% mostly being used in the Kimberley region. This much water requires technological improvements, as well as responsible  water storage solutions to prevent evaporation, as the world comes to terms with less and less availability of water. With rural water tanks for irrigators and growers up to 500kL available, Pioneer Water Tanks has plenty of experience in helping vegetable growers meet their water storage needs.


Western Australian growers of fruits and nuts

Including the already mentioned sectors of grapes and citrus, fruit makes up the vast majority of Western Australia's horticultural production in terms of both size and value of production.

With a wide range of climate regions from the cooler regions of the South West, to the tropics of the Pilbara coast, Western Australia is home to an extremely wide range of fruits and nuts, including staples such as Apples, Bananas, Oranges and Avocados, as well as more regional fruits such as Mangoes, Cherries and Kiwifruit.

While many of the growing regions across the South West don't require as much water as those up north, most of Western Australia's southern half is prone to long dry spells in the summer, even if the Margaret River and Albany regions of the state stay beautiful and green year round. Long dry spells means a need for water storage, and with more than ten dealers in Western Australia alone, Pioneer Water Tanks is sure to find a solution for you.

Fruits and Nuts

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