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Pioneer Water Tanks have been supporting Fruit and Nut Growers in WA for over 30 years

Fruit and nuts is the second largest horticultural industry in Western Australia, behind only vegetables (including mushrooms and truffles). With new varieties of fruits, and a counter-seasonal climate to the Northern Hemisphere allowing the sector to experience continuous growth.

Western Australia has a vibrant fruit growing industry with strawberries, avocados and mangoes becoming ever more popular, while there are also several small pockets of nut plantations, with Almonds and Walnuts being the most commonly grown of these, and like much of the state's horticulture, is grown in the South West Region.

As with all crops in a climate such as Western Australia's, where summers experience long dry periods, irrigation is essential to the feasibility of any fruit and nut growing operation, and this requires significant water storage. With a range of irrigation tanks from 12 000L to 500 000L, Pioneer has a water storage solution for every operation, without the drawbacks of evaporation that comes with dams or creeks.

Western Australian fruits and orchards

Western Australia has numerous fruit growers across the state, taking advantage of the colder regions in the south for fruits such as cherries and apples, and the warmer tropics to grow bananas, mangoes and avocados. The state also has a considerable strawberry industry, both domestic and export.

Strawberries have an annual export value of approximately $30 million, and are responsible for 70% of total fruit exports from Western Australia and 88% of total strawberry exports from Australia. Bananas are Australia’s number one selling supermarket product and the second biggest national horticulture industry after citrus, and Carnarvon  - Western Australia’s largest banana growing area - is know for having bananas which are typically smaller and sweeter than bananas from eastern Australia.

Most fruit produced in Western Australia stays within the state or country, however the export market does continue to grow year on year as demand increases in Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

Western Australian nuts and seeds

Smaller than the fruit industry by some margin, but not insignificant, Western Australia's nut and seed industry is located almost exclusively in the state's South West. There are known crops of Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts and Pecans.

Australia has advantages over many international nut growers, as many nut related pests and diseases aren't prevalent here, allowing for higher yields of high quality nuts and seeds.

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