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Pioneer's Steel Water Tanks have been supporting Citrus Growers in WA for over 30 years

With so many citrus growers in the Swan Valley and nearby Chittering Valley, Pioneer Water Tanks have been working with Citrus Growers and farmers since our inception in 1988, delivering high quality water storage to orchards and homes across Western Australia for more than 30 years.

While Western Australia has a low proportion of citrus growers to the rest of the nation, its annual citrus production of 19 000 tonnes valued at almost $25million annually helps citrus maintain its status as Australia’s largest fresh fruit exporting industry by volume, despite most of Western Australia's citrus being sold within the state. This citrus production is set to expand in coming years as new orchards come to maturity.

While most of Western Australia's citrus growing occurs in regions where there is reasonable rainfall, most of the state still experiences long dry periods - sometimes months long - during the summer, and require water on hand. With a range of steel agricultural water tanks from 12 000L to 500 000L, Pioneer has a water storage solution for every operation.

Western Australian Oranges and Mandarins

Oranges and Mandarins make up the vast majority of the Western Australian Citrus growing market, with Oranges covering 60% of area used for citrus growing, and Mandarins a further 20%.

Of course the large proportion of Oranges is partially owed to a large amount of juicing oranges being grown in Western Australia, both for the South West famous Harvey Fresh orange juice, as well as a host of other juice companies that make the most of the fresh citrus grown in plentiful amounts across the state.

Oranges are grown mostly around the Perth region, from Moora to the North, down to Harvey and Bunbury in the South, and have become a fast-growing export; increasing from just $0.15 million in 2012/13 to $2.5 million in 2016/17.

Western Australian Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit and other citrus

It seems like everyone knows someone with a Lemon tree, whether it's a co-worker bringing big bags in to work, a family member, or neighbour - or even yourself. Once upon a time it seemed that everyone had one before land sizes started to shrink.

This might explain why the demand for Lemons is significantly lower in Western Australia to that of oranges, and slightly lower even to that of Grapefruit.

Despite not having the popularity of Oranges; Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit are ever popular for baking, cooking, cocktails, and even those fond of a grapefruit for breakfast, and the industry continues to grow with the state's population - and often even faster, with exports increasing at a quickening rate.

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