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The Western Australian Cattle Industry

Pioneer Cattle Tanks

  • Revolutionary world first Aqualiner Fresh┬« antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Backed by a local dealer network offering high quality local knowledge
  • Exclusive 8-80 V-Lock┬« tank wall panel
  • Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket
  • 20 Year conditional warranty
The Pioneer Pub at a cattle conference

Pioneer's Steel Water Tanks have been servicing the Cattle Industry for over 30 years

Pioneer Water Tanks have a longstanding relationship with the cattle industry, not just in Western Australia, but all across the country. At many of the cattlemen's conferences and campdrafts across the nation, you will see the Pioneer Pub standing proud, and providing a place for people to mingle and network.

More importantly than the Pioneer Pub, however, Pioneer Water tanks have provided millions of litres of water storage in the form of stock tanks and cattle tanks to graziers and stations throughout Western Australia, helping keep the backbone of Australia stronger than ever.

With water storage options from 12,000L up to 500,000L, there is sure to be a tank for you - or in the case of many stations we have provided water storage to, multiple tanks spread across your property.

Western Australian Cattle for Beef and Animal Products

The state's beef herd was made up of approximately 2 million head of cattle as at July 2017, and the vast majority of these cattle are contained within herds of more than 500 head, on just 22% of the states cattle properties - most of these large cattle stations.

The cattle heard in Western Australia is a stable and strong one, with a roughly even split between northern and southern production systems.

65% of all beef cattle were consumed on the domestic market, and the state's beef has a reputation for meeting the high quality standards set by the Meat Standards Australia benchmarking system.

As well as the large amount of beef consumed within Western Australia - an average of 25kg per person annually,  there is also a large market for cattle by-products, as most of the cow can be used after it has been slaughtered.

Not just leather, which is the obvious and perhaps most popular by-product of beef production, but also for paint brushes, bone china, piano keys, adhesives and much much more.

Western Australian Dairy Cattle

Despite the town of Harvey being synonymous with dairy products in the minds of many Western Australians, Western Australia does produce less than 5% of Australia's total dairy. This is mostly owed to the fact that not much of the state is suited to dairy cows, with the vast majority of these dairy cows grazing in the regions around Harvey, Margaret River and Denmark.

While the majority of dairy production in Western Australia is dominated by large multinational companies, there are dozens of smaller companies who make specialty dairy products, including organic operations, who operate year round in the state.

Unlike many other industries, Western Australia's dairy industry was already a free range production system, meaning that it didn't face the same market forces to adapt as the pig and poultry industries have seen.

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cattle on a station in the outback surrounded by red dirt with a large pioneer water tanks cattle tank stock tank in the background