You could get up to $1000 back on your water storage

Thanks to the Water Corp's Rainwater Rewards program, people with water tanks in Denmark, Walpole, South West Balingup, Bridgetown, Boyup Brook, Donnybrook, Greenbushes, Hester, Kirup, Manjimup, Mullalyup and Nannup are currently eligible for a rainwater tank rebate. 

Thousands of Australians continue to be effected by drought conditions

New South Wales $20 Million Drought Assistance Fund

In June of 2020, the Water Corporation announced its Rainwater Rewards program, encouraging customers across WA's South West to install new rainwater tanks, or perform much needed maintenance on existing tanks.

Can this fund be used for existing water tanks?

The rebate has been detailed by the Water Corporation in Western Australia as being for:

  • New tank and plumbing - up to a maximum of $1,000 for a new rainwater tank with a capacity of 2,000L or more that is plumbed in;
  • Plumbing in an existing tank - up to a maximum of $500 for plumbing in an existing rainwater tank with a capacity of 2,000L or more;
  • Replacing an existing plumbed in tank - up to a maximum of $500 for the rainwater tank with a capacity of 2,000L or more.

[Source: Rainwater Rewards 2020]

This rebate is available to be claimed starting from the 1st of October 2020, through to the 31st of May 2021.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the rebate you must:

  • Be the owner of the property where the water tank has been installed
  • Be connected to Water Corporation scheme water at the location where the water tank has been installed
  • Be installing your rainwater tank in one of the eligible towns for the 2020/21 Rainwater Rewards rebate
  • Have the property in a habitable state, or can ensure that it will be habitable upon the completion of the building
  • Meets relevant standards and government requirements, such as local building restrictions and regulations for the installation and connection of the rainwater tank

[Source: Rainwater Rewards 2020]

Pioneer Water Tanks

Our range of rural water tanks and rainwater tanks would be eligible for all rebates available from the Water Corporation.

For a quote on a new Pioneer Water Tank, click here or call 1800 344 130.

To apply online with the New South Wales Rural Assistance Authority click here.

Don't meet the criteria?

Find our list of Water Tank Rebate Schemes here, or if you are a Victorian who was affected by the bushfires, follow this link.