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  • Over 30 years providing quality water tanks in Sydney New South Wales (NSW)
  • Revolutionary world first Aqualiner FRESH® antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Backed by a local dealer network offering high quality local knowledge
  • Exclusive 8-80 V-Lock® tank wall panel
  • 20 Year conditional warranty

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Sydney Water Tanks

At Pioneer we have been providing high quality water tanks to NSW residents for over 30 years.  We understand the importance of storing clean, fresh water to not only provide for your family but to also give you the freedom from water restrictions to water the garden, or do laundry as you see fit.

Whether you’re suffering from drought, flash flooding or are looking to save money by supplying your own water to your home, business or farm, Pioneer Water Tanks has the solution and can personally customise your tank to meet your water harvesting needs.

Quality Australian Water Tanks for NSW Conditions

Weather in New South Wales is among the most volatile in Australia, with flooding and storms occurring almost yearly, while simultaneously over 60% of the state is currently in either drought or intense drought conditions.

These challenges require water harvesting and storage solutions you can rely on to perform in the harsh Australian conditions.

Every Pioneer Water Tank’s steel panels and accessories, including our 8-80 V-Lock wall panels, roof sheets, roof trusses, truss foots, hook on ladders and access hatches are made right here in Australia, from high quality Australian Steel. Even our industry leading AQUALINER FRESH® antibacterial  water tank liners are Australian made.

All Pioneer Water Tanks come with our conditional 20 year warranty.

Water Storage Challenges in New South Wales

Storm Water Run Off

Storm water run off has caused millions of dollars of damage across New South Wales in recent years thanks to some record storms. Installing a rainwater tank, and using the roof of your home or shed as a catchment can help not only reduce the damage caused by storm water run off, but also prevent any additional pollution from making its way into New South Wales' fragile and vitally important waterways.

Many new council developments are requiring additional storm water retention, due to increasing impermeable surface area attributed to urban sprawl, and a water tank is a great way to relieve the pressure on existing storm water systems.

Second Sunniest City in Australia - Second Wettest City in Australia

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia, and is set to almost double in population in the next 30 years. Much of this is due to its famous beaches, and general clear weather - behind only Perth in annual clear days. However it's also the second wettest city in the country, behind only Darwin in terms of annual rainfall, meaning that almost all of Sydney's rain comes in downpours, which leads to the catastrophic flooding we've seen in recent years

Mosquitoes and Insects

With large amounts of annual rainfall, combining with temperatures in the summer months exceeding 40 degrees, any stagnant water can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects which can spread diseases such as the Ross River Virus. In order to prevent this, all access to rainwater tanks should be kept shut with close fitting lids, and fitted with insect proof screens of a 1mm or less steel mesh. It is also important to check your guttering regularly for ponding which can encourage breeding

At Pioneer Water Tanks we offer our Super Seal as an option for your water tank, which adds an extra layer of protection against insects. We also have a range of first flush diverters to protect your water tank against contaminated water - which should be checked and cleaned every two to three months.

The Ongoing Battle with Devastating Drought

In 2018 the New South Wales Government declared the entire state as drought affected, with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries stating that 61% of New South Wales is either in drought, or intense drought.

At Pioneer we understand the squeeze this puts on families, and the need to maximise your water harvesting and water storage facilites in order to survive the long standing drought conditions. Unlike many poly water tanks, our steel water tanks are built to withstand harsh conditions in excess of 40 degrees for long periods, and in case of wild fires can withstand heats of up to 200 degrees.

A Wide Range of Water Tanks

Here at Pioneer we understand the value of choice, and the importance of having a water tank that not only meets your needs, but one that you are 100% satisfied with. That's why our tanks come in a wide range of colours and sizes. 

All Pioneer Water Tanks are available in sizes between 12 000 and 500 000 litres, and can be packaged in good old fashioned ZINCALUME® Steel, or in any genuine COLORBOND® colours. And even better, all of our tanks are manufactured in Australia, from Australian Blue Scope Steel.

Landscape Tanks

Recently landscape tanks have become increasingly popular in New South Wales, as a near invisible way to store water for your garden or family.

Whilst these can be great if you have limited space, or low water needs, complications can occur with unseen leaks, and they generally won't provide enough water for your household to be self sufficient.

Water Tanks and NSW Water Regulations

While there is no current legislation requiring the installation of a water tank in New South Wales, laws passed in 2004 require all new homes in New South Wales to meet the mains water saving benchmark of a minimum 40%, which is near impossible to reach without having at least a water tank for the garden and toilet facilities.

While installing a water tank in your new home will make it much easier to reach these targets, installing a water harvesting system in your existing home can reduce the crunch of water restrictions allowing you to use water more freely around the home and garden

All of our water tanks are built with our patent pending Aqualiner Fresh ® antimicrobial water tank liner which is designed to meet and exceed all Australian drinking water requirements. Our water tanks come in sizes starting at 12 000 litres, and come with our 20 year conditional warranty.

Households with rainwater tanks (%)
Capital city households with rainwater tanks (%)
Non-capital city households with rainwater tanks  (%)
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2007

Australian Made Water Tanks - NSW Local Service

We have over 50 Dealers Australia wide, which means that anywhere from the Tablelands to the Far West, we have a local dealer who can provide expert knowledge and advice throughout your water tank installation and continued service history.

Maintaining our network of local dealers is our way of supporting family businesses in the areas that rely on fresh, clean water from our high quality water tanks.

How Big Should Your Rainwater Tank Be?

Thanks to water saving initiatives, Sydney's water usage has seen significant decreases over the last decade, but has been trending upward in the last few years due to hotter summer months. But how much water do Australians really use?

Daily Water Consumption Per Person
455 litres
501 litres
444 litres
378 litres
408 litres
414 litres
Source: ABC Diamond 2004

Did you

80% of Australian households with water tanks told the ABS that they were satisfied with the amount of water storage it provided them.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013

Further Questions About Your Water Tank?

Do you have any further questions about what water tank would best suit your water storage requirements? Call Pioneer Water Tanks today to ensure that you get the best rainwater tank for your needs.