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Perth Water Tanks

At Pioneer Water Tanks we have been providing high quality Perth water tanks to Western Australians for over 30 years. In fact we even formed in Western Australia, and are based out of Midland to this day.  We understand the importance of  being able to store clean fresh water over the long hot summers, not only to provide for your family but to also give you the freedom from state water restrictions that might prevent you from having your dream garden, or doing that extra load of laundry.

Whether you’re suffering from extreme weather conditions, or are just looking to find ways save money or find freedom by supplying your own water to your home, business or farm, Pioneer Water Tanks has the solution for your water harvesting needs.

Best Australian Water Tanks for Western Australian Conditions

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Perth has the most sunny days of any city in Australia, and has the third least rainy days, living up to its reputation as a warm and sunny city. However despite this it still manages to clock in fourth in terms of annual rainfall, ahead of "rainy, green cities," such as Melbourne and Hobart, meaning that much of Perth's rainfall comes in short hard falls, that can quickly run off the ground without much sinking in.

But WA is a very large state - in fact it's the second largest state on earth - with rural hubs such as Geraldton and Albany having wildly differing weather patterns to Perth itself, with Albany recording double the average annual rainfall of Geraldton.

These challenges require water harvesting and storage solutions you can rely on to perform in the harsh Australian conditions.

Every Pioneer Water Tank’s steel panels and accessories, including our 8-80 V-Lock wall panels, roof sheets, roof trusses, truss foots, hook on ladders and access hatches are made right here in Australia, from high quality Australian Steel.

Water Storage Challenges in Western Australia

Storm Water Run Off

With much of Perth's annual rainfall coming in heavy downpours, this can cause widespread storm water runoff, and flash flooding. Whilst using your shed or home roof as a catchment for rainwater can help ease the strain on storm drains and surrounding land, too much water too fast can lead to burst pipes, guttering and tank fittings. 

Every Pioneer Water Tank features our 150mm diameter tank overflow with internal bell-mouth, which is the largest standard overflow fitting on the market. This ensures that your overflow capacity is always higher than your intake, and can avoid potentially costly repairs or damages.

Sunniest City in Australia - But Nowhere Near the Driest

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, in terms of total annual clear days, and because of this it is popular for its beaches and rivers. It is also famously the most isolated capital city on Earth, with Adelaide being over 2000km away. Because of this, it is often overlooked as the fourth most populous city in Australia, boasting a little over 2 million residents as of June 2017.
Despite its fame as a sunny and clear city (the only major cricket venue in Australia that's never had a full day's play rained out) Perth does still boast one of the higher rainfall figures in Australia, making the surrounding regions great for vineyards and wineries.

The Ongoing Battle with Bushfires

Much of Australia's native flora has evolved to require bushfires as part of their life cycle, but this does mean various regions of Australia are often effected by widespread bushfires in the hot, dry summer months, which hasn't been assisted by global warming. The Perth Hills and Darling Range are some of these such areas, and barely a year goes by without a battle with an out of control blaze in these areas.

BlueScope Steel’s ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® products are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C - unlike poly water tanks, which are more likely to melt or have their structural and hygienic integrity compromised by any temperatures above 100°C.

Steel water tanks are also able to withstand extended exposure to WA’s hottest weather, as opposed to poly or slimline rainwater tanks, which are not recommended to be exposed to prolonged temperatures of above 40 degrees.

Western Australia - A Mining State

Mining in Western Australia accounts for over 90% of the state's (and over 40% of Australia's) total income from exports, and remains the state's largest industry. However much of Australia's mining and industrial areas are in dry conditions, located well inland, which raises all sorts of difficulties in terms of water storage both for potable and non potabe uses.

Pioneer provides water tanks for all scale of commercial or industrial purposes around the country, and is able to process large orders of steel water tanks for any facility.

A Wide Range of Water Tanks

Here at Pioneer we understand the value of choice, and the importance of having a water tank that not only meets your needs, but one that you are 100% satisfied with. That's why our tanks come in a wide range of colours and sizes. 

All Pioneer Water Tanks are available in sizes between 12 000 and 500 000 litres, and can be packaged in good old fashioned ZINCALUME® Steel, or in any genuine COLORBOND® colours. And even better, all of our tanks are manufactured in Australia, from Australian Blue Scope Steel.

Water Tanks and WA Water Regulations

Western Australia doesn't have any current legislation regarding water saving targets, or the installation of rainwater tanks for new or existing homes, but does have a mains water ban on reticulation during the winter months in order to increase water storage in the state.

Installing a water tank in your home will make it much easier to  use water more freely around the home and garden, without the potentially costly water bills.

All of our water tanks are built with our patent pending Aqualiner Fresh ® antimicrobial water tank liner which is designed to meet and exceed all Australian drinking water requirements. Our water tanks come in sizes starting at 12 000 litres, and come with our 20 year conditional warranty.

Households with rainwater tanks (%)
Capital city households with rainwater tanks (%)
Non-capital city households with rainwater tanks  (%)
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2007

Australian Made Water Tanks - WA Local Service

We have over 50 Dealers Australia wide, which means that anywhere from the Albany to Eucla, Broome to Kunanurra, we have a local distributor ready to install your rainwater tank.

Maintaining our network of local dealers is our way of supporting family businesses, who can in turn support you through the service life of your water tank.

How Big Should Your Rainwater Tank Be?

Thanks to better technology, money saving and better available information in recent years, water usage among Australians has dropped considerably. But how much water do Australians really use?

Daily Water Consumption Per Person
455 litres
501 litres
444 litres
378 litres
408 litres
414 litres
Source: ABC Diamond 2004

Did you

80% of Australian households with water tanks told the ABS that they were satisfied with the amount of water storage it provided them.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013

Further Questions About Your Water Tank?

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