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Melbourne Water Tanks

At Pioneer,  we’ve been supplying Victorians with high quality water storage for over 30 years and counting; which means we’re not just familiar with what makes Victoria great, but also with the challenges presented when it comes to water storage in Victoria.

From the “Green Drought” effecting most of the Gippsland region due to 20 year lows in rainfall, to the one third of Victoria in one of its driest periods on record; we understand that while Melbourne may be seen from the outside as a rainy and green city, it too can present its own water harvesting difficulties, and we don’t underestimate the importance of having a supply of clean, fresh water the whole year round.

The Best Australian Water Tanks for Melbourne Conditions

Melbourne is famous for its sometimes unpredictable weather, with days that send the mercury soaring in the thermometer often ending in rainfall, and the knowledge that you should always pack a jacket; just in case.

This unique and unpredictable weather calls for a water tank built with the highest quality Australian steel, which we back with our 20 year conditional warranty.

Every Pioneer Water Tank is built with genuine BlueScope Steel, and all our tank wall panels, roof trusses, truss foots, roof sheets, access hatches, hook on ladders, and tank liners are made right here in Australia, and come with our industry leading AQUALINER Fresh® Water Tank Liner to keep your water fresher for longer, and patented 8-80 V-Lock® wall profile, built to withstand the test of time in even the harshest Victorian conditions.

Strong Water Tanks
20 Year Warranty

Melbourne's Unique Water Harvesting and Storage Challenges

Lots of Rainy Days - Not a Lot of Rain

Melbourne has more rainy days than any other mainland capital city, with more than one in three days recording at least some rain, but despite this clocks in fifth when it comes to annual rainfall, with many days not recording enough rain to truly wet the soil before the sun comes back out and dries it all off again.

The Green Drought of the Gippsland Region

Much of Victoria has been struck by what has been coined as Green Droughts; with the top soil looking lush and green, but not providing enough water for crops or livestock to flourish on. 

In 2018, all months bar December were drier than average, with most of Victoria recording their driest September in over 100 years.

The Population Boom and Victoria's Water Supply

Since the turn of the century, Melbourne has been seeing an economic and population boom. It’s the fastest growing city in Australia, and the fourth fastest growing developed city in the world (ABC News 2018), with the population projected to almost double in the next 30 years to the size of cities such as New York or London.

While Melbourne has benefited economically from its status as one of the world’s most liveable cities, the rapid growth is threatening the state’s water supply, with Melbourne Water’s worst case scenario suggesting that the state may face a water crisis within the next decade – and the best case scenario being a water crisis within the next 50 years.

While Victoria’s water storage has somewhat recovered from record lows in 2009 thanks to better management and green policies, more needs to be done to ensure ample water supply is still available into the future. One way of ensuring your own water supply, and lessening dependence on mains water is to install a water tank large enough to accommodate some or all of your family’s water usage requirements.

Victoria's Ongoing Battle with Bushfires

Victoria has a well-documented history of bushfires, with the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 being one of the most infamous natural disasters in recent Australian memory, and continues to battle the elements each summer as the El Niño effect causes increased fire danger across South-Eastern Australia.

BlueScope Steel’s ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® products are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C - unlike poly water tanks, which are more likely to melt or have their structural and hygienic integrity compromised by any temperatures above 100°C.

Steel water tanks are also able to withstand extended exposure to Victoria’s hottest weather, as opposed to poly rainwater tanks, which are not recommended to be exposed to prolonged temperatures of above 40 degrees.

A Water Tank for Every Need

We know that every Victorian’s needs are different, and that’s why we have a wide range of water tanks to suit every household. No matter if your need a large water supply for commercial purposes, or just enough water to suit your family’s needs – Pioneer has the water tank for you.

Our rainwater tanks are available in the classic ZINCALUME® steel look, and in any genuine COLORBOND® colours, which are all built from Australian made BlueScope Steel, meaning that we have the best water tank for every occasion, and with sizes starting at 12 000 litres, they’ll not only look great, but you can be assured of having enough clean, fresh water for whatever suits your needs.

Victorian State Water Regulations

In Victoria, all new homes or additions are required to meet or exceed the 6 Star Standard, which is in relation to the home’s energy and water usage. New homes are required to have a solar hot water system and/or a rainwater tank with a minimum capacity of 2000 litres, and to be plumbed into any toilets in the home.

If you’re passionate about your garden, installing a water tank on your property is a good way to make sure that you’re not bound by council water restrictions, and can have a lush and thriving garden all year round.

At Pioneer, we supply water tanks in capacity of anywhere upward of 12 000 litres, and if you have the available space, this could be a way of not only providing long term cost savings for your home, but also ensuring a supply of fresh, clean water for your family’s future. All of our water tanks are built with our patent pending Aqualiner Fresh ® antimicrobial water tank liner and exceed all Australian Drinking Water Requirements.

Households with rainwater tanks (%)
Capital city households with rainwater tanks (%)
Non-capital city households with rainwater tanks  (%)
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2007

The Pioneer Victoria Dealer Network

From Gippsland to the Mallee region, we have over 50 distributors Australia wide, who make not only the delivery and installation of your water tank a breeze,  but also provide expert local support throughout your rainwater tank’s service life.

Our Dealer Network allows us to support the family businesses who help build the communities that rely on our high quality rainwater tanks for their commercial or residential water storage.

Water Supply and You - How Much is Enough?

Water usage has steadily declined in Victoria throughout the 21st century, with many households adopting water saving techniques, such as better water fittings, taking shorter showers, and using dishwashers less – but how much water is the average Melburnian using?

Water Usage Per Capita
Year: 2000
Year: 2011
Melbourne Water Usage (per day)
247 litres
149 litres
Average Household Consumption
Melbourne Water Usage (per day)
352 litres
442 litres
Source: Smart Water Fund 2013

Did you

Four in five Australians with water tanks said they were satisfied with the amount of water storage capabilities that their rainwater tank provided their family.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013

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