March 5

Water Tanks For Fire Protection

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Increasing Water Storage Capacity For Fire Protection

Pioneer Water Tank gt250


As a hay farmer, being able to access large amounts of quality water for his land is paramount for Simon – and it’s not just for the hay.

“We have numerous water tanks across our property, but we needed a few more for generous bush fire protection and general consumption,” says Simon.

“Our property is roughly 2000 hectares, so multiple ways to access water across the property is vital.”

“The tanks last. My first one would be at least 10 years old now. I’ve stuck with Pioneer since I bought my first tank.”

 Simon - Williams, WA


Simon has always gone to Pioneer Water Tanks for his water storage needs. Price’s Fabrication & Steel is his local Pioneer dealer, and this time round he was after 3x GT250 (250,000L) to be installed near his hay-press shed.

All three tanks were filled up with ground water, and Simon hopes the clouds will open their gates soon to release the rain they need to keep them full.

There’s no secret that the need of fire protection is paramount in our country, which is at the forefront of Pioneer’s mind when suggesting and customising our products for customers.

Our tanks are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, and you can boost your fire-fighting capabilities to protect your family, property and livestock with an additional water reserve for fire-fighting purposes.

Simon says he didn’t consider many other options because he knew he could trust the Pioneer name.

“The tanks last. My first one would be at least 10 years old now. I’ve stuck with Pioneer since I bought my first tank and I love the local aspect – that’s the main reason I buy from them.

Simon says the team at Price’s, John, Barry and Rachel, were all very accommodating and were happy to chat pricing for where he wanted some extra fittings.

“It was all easy and no dramas.”

Simon increased fire-risk protection on his property, improved his hay farming operations, and took advantage of the water capacity for his own consumption – all with just three legendary Pioneer tanks.

If you’re looking for a water tank that will stand the test of time you have come to the right place. Pioneer Water Tanks leads the way in water!

Discover the difference and speak to an expert today on 1800 046 650

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