water tanks for chicken farms

Water Tanks For Chicken Farms

Pioneer Water Tanks .... The top of the pecking order!

Need big water for your misters? We have a unique ability to aggregate one mega litres of storage (adding two together) with ease and lowering costs without sacrificing quality. Smart Chicken Farmers across the country have discovered our Galaxy Tank 500 (500,000 litres) of storage capacity. What’s super-duper about this tank?

We build the most advanced and biggest storage tank on sand, reducing the cost of expensive concrete ring beam foundations. Our boffins have engineered this tank in a mind boggling way, lowering purchase costs normally associated with tank sizes of a million litres. Speak to us and see what all the fuss is about.

When dealing with precious water you want to know it’s safe with no compromise on quality – and they’re Australian Made what more could you need!!.



Water Tanks That Have Supported The Chicken Industry For Over 30 Years