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  • Over 30 years providing quality water tanks in Adelaide South Australia (SA)
  • Revolutionary world first Aqualiner FRESH® antimicrobial water tank liner
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  • Exclusive 8-80 V-Lock® tank wall panel
  • 20 Year conditional warranty

Adelaide Water Tanks

At Pioneer, we've been providing high quality Adelaide water tanks for over 30 years, so we're well acquainted with the struggles presented when trying to access reliable fresh water in South Australia. The South Australian Government recently announced drought in the state for the first time in history, with over 10% of the state recording their worst ever year in terms of rainfall, and crops across the state reportedly down more than two million tonnes on the ten year average.

Pioneer Water Tanks understands that you and your family need access to clean, fresh water all year round.  Whether you’re in the The Adelaide Hills, The Far North, The Barossa Region or anywhere across South Coast, Pioneer Water Tanks has the solutions for your commercial or residential rainwater harvesting needs.

Buying The Best Australian Made Water Tanks for Adelaide Conditions

Adelaide is a city that's no stranger to severe storms or soaring temperatures, with Australia's two highest temperatures ever recorded both being in South Australia.

All Pioneer Water Tanks are built with genuine Australian steel, and all of our rainwater tanks come with a 20 year conditional warranty. This is because we have faith in our patented and unique 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile, which is built up to 2mm thick, and our AQUALINER Fresh® Water Tank Liner to keep your tank water fresher for longer.

Not only are all of our rainwater tanks manufactured from Australian Blue Scope Steel, the majority of our accessories; including tank wall panels, roof trusses, truss foots, roof sheets, access hatches, hook on ladders, and tank liners are made right here in Australia.

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Unique Challenges for Adelaide Water Storage

Making the Most of Tough Conditions

Adelaide is the driest capital city in Australia, only recording an average of 530mm of rain per year, and the once reliable Murray Darling is providing less clean usable water to South Australia with each passing year.

This has highlighted the need for reliable water storage solutions in South Australia, to make the most of the limited rainfall in order to ensure that you and your family have adequate rainwater storage. All Pioneer rainwater tanks come with our 20 year conditional warranty, and are designed to withstand the sometimes unforgiving Australian Summers.

Record Lows for the North East and North West Pastoral areas

In 2018 it was reported that more than 160 000 square kilometers of South Australia (almost 20% of the state) received lower than average rainfall from April to August - the worst on record 

Stronger Rainwater Tanks

When deciding on the best rainwater tank for your family, sometimes the number of available choices can make the process more difficult as there are now so many options, including slimline tanks, landscape tanks, poly tanks, and steel tanks.

While all of these tanks have their purpose, steel water tanks provide the most durability, and are more likely to withstand fires or the scorching South Australian temperatures.

Our Wide Range of Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a range of sizes anywhere upward of 12 000 litres, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours - whether it be a genuine COLORBOND® colour, or just good old fashioned silver ZINCALUME®, Pioneer has you covered.

No matter if you need one or more large water tanks for agricultural purproses, or just enough water to provide for you and your family; Pioneer will ensure that you have enough clean, fresh water storage for your needs.

Adelaide and South Australian Dealer Network

No matter whether you hail from Adelaide, The Far North or The Eyre Peninsula; we make the delivery and installation of your rainwater tank easy, with local experts all across Australia.

We have over 50 distributors nationwide, which allows us us to support small family businesses, who will in turn support you throughout your water tank delivery, installation and continued service life. The steel, manufacturing, transport, assembly and installation of your rainwater tank will be 100% Australian.

Adelaide Water Storage Legislation

Since 2006, all new homes in South Australia have been required to be connected to a rainwater tank or alternate water source thanks to water saving legislation passed in the state. This has led to South Australia having by far the largest number of rainwater tanks per capita in both rural and suburban regions, and has helped prolong the need to call drought in the state for much longer than other Australian States.

Households with rainwater tanks (%)
Capital city households with rainwater tanks (%)
Non-capital city households with rainwater tanks  (%)
Source Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2007

Water Supply and South Australians - How Much is Enough?

We know that the average water consumption in South Australia from 2010 to 2011 was as follows:

Average Water Usage Per Household

Average Water Usage Per Person



Source South Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) 2011

30 000 Litres per person, per year, just for personal use is a lot of water. But what does this mean for your household’s water storage needs?

Well, we know that 80% of Australians with water tanks reported to the ABS that they found the volume of water sufficient to their needs, and with some information, we can help ensure that your water storage facilities are not lacking.

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