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Water Tank Installation


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How To Prepare Your Property For Water Tank Installation

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    The sand pad must be level, stable and free of debris prior to construction.  Inert sand is advised.
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    For an effective water tank installation, the sand pad must be at least two metres larger than the diameter of your tank.
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    For sloping tank sites, ensure adequate drainage to divert run off away from the tank wall.
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    Aggregate must be placed around the circumference of your tank to stop erosion and comply with warranty conditions*.
  • 5
    A retaining wall may be required to maintain pad integrity**.
  • 6
    Your tank should not ever be left empty.   As per PT11-04 MS07 D01 Rural Tank Certificate - a minimum of 300mm of water should be stored in your water tank at all times. 

* Check with your local distributor to see if they can provide this additional service. If not, you will need to make sure this is appropriately applied after water tank installation yourself.
** 1,000 litres of stored water weighs 1,000kgs (1 tonne).

Although a properly prepared sand pad will minimise the risk of contaminants or debris compromising your water supply, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends installing a geotextile membrane for added protection.

Before you start preparing your site for installation of your water tank, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends you contact your local shire to see if there are any regulations or restrictions in place.

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Frequently Asked Water Tank Installation Questions (FAQs)

Many Australians have no, or unreliable, access to mains water, which requires them to install storage tanks in order to ensure access to sufficient water supply for their needs.

When requiring water storage of over 50 000L, a steel water tank becomes the most practical solution. They're stronger, larger, and last for longer than poly rainwater tanks, and are designed to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions.

Pioneer Water Tank's patented 8-80 V-Lock® panel profile reinforces your water tank, and combined with our AQUALINER FRESH® tank liner; ensures your water stays fresher for longer

However, installing a steel water tank requires some extra preparation steps to installing other water tanks. While Poly and Slimline Rainwater Tanks can be installed on concrete slabs paving or even underground, steel water tanks should be installed on a prepared sand pad as per Pioneer tank pad prparation guidelines, in order to maintain the integrity of the tank over time.

With over 50 Dealers Australia Wide, we try and make installing water tanks as efficient and effective as possible. Typically a Pioneer Water Tank is installed within 3 to 5 weeks of an order being placed.

However, if special circumstances require any rainwater tanks installed in less time than that, give us a call and we can endeavor to have your water tank installed as soon as possible.

Whilst the answer to this is entirely dependent on what size water tank you order, a safe rule of thumb would be to ensure a space 3m wider than the diameter of your desired water tank.

This ensures comfortable room for the required 1m on all sides for the pad, and ensures there will be no difficulties at the time of installation.

Thanks to nationwide water saving initiatives, and better quality pluming and technology, Australians use less water than ever. But how much water is that exactly?

According to a recent study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 80% of Australian households with water tanks reported that they were satisfied with the water storage it provided them. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff today to get a quote for the right size water tank for your property.

City Daily Water Consumption Per Person
Adelaide 455 litres
Brisbane 501 litres
Canberra 444 litres
Melbourne 378 litres
Perth 408 litres
Sydney 414 litres

Source: ABC Diamond 2004