February 28

Water Harvesting – Conserving Your Water in Dry Times

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Conserving Your Water in Dry Times

Australian communities are vulnerable to a wide range of impacts from our challenging climate, and just like we need to prepare for fire season with a dependable water storage solution, we also need to prepare for an ongoing dry climate.

Parts of Australia continue to be affected by one of the worst droughts on record with profound consequences on communities, agriculture, our national economy, human health and natural ecosystems.  

We’ve observed a shift to hotter and drier conditions over the past 20 years with average temperatures increasing, and recent decades trending towards lower winter season rainfalls right across the country.

This is why it’s now more important than ever to invest in YOUR future security by ensuring you’re as prepared as possible to conserve that precious rainfall when it arrives.

“Protect yourself by installing a rainwater harvesting solution ”

Fire and drought may be unpredictable forces of nature out of our control, but YOU can control the decision you make around your water storage.

So how do you achieve an optimal water storage solution for you and your family, that’s not only reliable and efficient but ALSO guarantees the freshest and healthiest drinking water?

By installing a rainwater harvesting solution from a trusted member of Pioneer’s Dealer Direct® Network!

There’s a reason why one in four Aussies have a rainwater tank: because rainwater harvesting is the first and most efficient element of a unified water conservation system.

Reduce your household water costs by harvesting rainwater with a Pioneer tank as they’re built to capture every drop of that fresh rainfall (and we know every drop counts)!

The team at Pioneer Water Tanks understand that everyone has different storage needs, which is why we have you covered with tank sizes from 12,000 to 500,000 litres.

We also understand how precious your water supply is, which is why we take our responsibility to keep it secure very seriously.

Our patented water saving design – the Smart Water Saver – is one of the most advanced methods in the world for collecting water straight off your tank roof, potentially harvesting thousands of extra litres of falling rainwater so your supply lasts you even longer!

PLUS our 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile is custom engineered for the sole purpose of water storage which provides exceptional internal strength and support for the AQUALINER® Fresh water tank liner – a global breakthrough in clean water storage technology keeping your water fresher, cleaner and  healthier for longer.

family in front of their water tank

So, if you’re ready to secure your water future, look no further than Pioneer. We’ve been supplying long-lasting, high-quality water tanks to people all over the world for more than 30 years.

We’ve remained the industry leader because we continually improve the engineering and technology that goes into every tank, making your water even more secure.

Let’s work together to conserve your water in these dry times call us on 1800 046 650

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