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Special Virtual Field Day Water Tank Pricing

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Special virtual field day pricing is valid from Monday Sep 21 to Friday 29 Oct 2020 *

Just because a field day has been cancelled, doesn't mean you should miss out on the opportunity for a great deal!

GT 110 (110,166 litres)


Normal Price:  $9088

Show Price: $8361

You Save: $727

GT 130 (129,292 litres)


Normal Price: $10642

Show Price: $9792

You Save: $850

GT 250 (247,874 litres)


Normal Price: $16571

Show Price: $15245

You Save: $1326

Accessories Special Offers

Add any or all of the following accessories for $99 each

Fire fitting

Fire Fitting Storz 65mm - $99

RRP $241

Additional Outlet Valve and Fire Connection for Local Fire Brigade to gain access to your tank water

water tank pump

Pentair MM120 Pressure Pump - $99

RRP $501

Large Household size pressure pump-great general purpose pump


SuperSeal Dustproofing Condensation Strip Pack. - $99

RRP Varies to tank size GT110=$300

Reduce the amount of dust, insects or frogs contaminating your precious water supply with Pioneer Water Tanks’ high-density foam sealer

Water Level Indicator - $99

RRP $164

Australia’s most popular water tank gauge.
Simple pulley and counterweight system with free hanging indicator beside the tank

Need a Different Size Tank?

We have you covered.  Simply let us know and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

Pioneer Water Tanks standard COLORBOND® water tanks colour range
pioneer water tanks standard range of colorbond water tank colours


AQUALINER Fresh® Antimicrobial Liner

Pioneer has revolutionised water storage by making available an antimicrobial tank liner that will keep your water fresher, cleaner and healthier for longer.


Local Dealer Network

Your water tank will be installed by local business owners. 


Supporting Cattle Stations

Pioneer Water Tanks have been supporting the cattle industry for over 30 years.

Offer Terms & Conditions

* Sale is applicable to Zincalume® and standard Colorbond® tank range from GT 50 to GT 250. 

Purchaser must have placed their order and paid the relevant deposit amount with their local Pioneer® Dealer during the period from 21/09/20 to 29/10/20 (sale period). Delivery is free for the first 100km from the site address to the local authorised Pioneer® Dealers office.

Additional delivery charge from $1.30 per km each way will be charged if the site address is further than 100km from the local authorised Pioneer® Dealers office.

Purchaser is responsible to comply with any local Shire requirements. If the purchaser is not ready to place an order and take delivery of their tank they can still take advantage of this offer up to a period of six months from the end of the sales period by paying a minimum of $100.00 (fully refundable if the purchaser wishes to cancel at any time) pre-order payment during the sale period. 

At the end of the six (6) month period the purchaser can extend the period by a further three (3) month period by paying an additional $100.00 (fully refundable if the purchaser wishes to cancel at any time).

Interest earned on any pre order payment shall be retained by the party holding the pre order payment.

Offer not available in all areas.  Contact Pioneer Water Tanks to ascertain area eligibility.

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