March 19

Upgrading From Splitting Poly Water Tanks

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Upgrading From Splitting Poly Water Tanks

Pioneer water tanks

Peter is from Beaudesert, Queensland


Located an hour’s drive west of the Gold Coast, Peter was in a dilemma we find a number of our customers in: his current plastic water tanks were splitting.

Pioneer steel water tanks are designed and built on solid engineering principles, and we find the majority of our customers choose the steel option.

We build our steel water tanks with an exclusive 8-80 V-LOCK® tank wall profile that provides the strength of cold formed steel and maintains a superior load-bearing support profile behind the internal tank liner, to maximise the life of the liner.

“I also really wanted to get off the town water supply, so it just seemed time to make the jump,” says Peter.

“I chose Pioneer because of the flexibility of the assembly system on site, the durability of their tanks, and their prices.”

 Peter - Beaudesert, Queensland


Peter decided to give Pioneer dealer Divine Water Tanks a call, and over the last four years they’ve installed three steel water tanks at his properties in Tamborine and Tabragalba.

The tank sizes span from 90,000L to 115,000L (GT90 and GT115), all serving the main purpose of being self-sufficient with his water supply.

“Now I’m able to maintain a large capacity of water storage thanks to such a long-lasting product – no need to worry about the fees with town water supply now!”

One of the sites has limited access, so it was important for Peter that one of the tanks be customised to fit the conditions and environment.

“This was no hassle for the Divine Water Tanks team – everything I needed for the construction of this tank, they delivered.”

When choosing which tanks he wanted, he looked at all of the Pioneer options including poly, steel and the AQUALINER Fresh® water tank liner.

This antimicrobial tank liner has revolutionised water storage by keeping water fresher, cleaner and healthier for longer. It’s a top seller with our customers and we recommend it with any steel tank purchase.

“I chose Pioneer because of the flexibility of the assembly system on site, the durability of their tanks, and their prices,” says Peter.

“They look great on the properties.”

Peter’s water storage security increased because he went to the experts who have many years experience in providing tanks for Australia.

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions,
Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel.

See why we’re leading the way in water and speak to an expert today on 1800 957 913.

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