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a shot of a gorge in western australia's northern tropical region

Pioneer's GT Range of Rainwater Tanks - Designed for tropical Western Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks have been installing large steel rainwater tanks across all reaches of Australia for more than thirty years, which means we have unrivalled experience in engineering water tanks for all sorts of climates and landscapes.

Tropical regions provide their own series of challenges, with torrential rainfalls, high heat and humidity, and occasional long dry spells, which means that you need a water tank that will stand up to these pressures, as well as one that will ensure you have enough water all year round.

Tropical climates are defined by a monthly average temperature of 18 °C  or higher in the coolest month, and feature hot temperatures all year-round. Annual rainfall is often high in tropical regions, however the degrees of seasonal dryness is highly variable between regions. There are typically only two defined seasons in tropical climate regions, a wet season and a dry season.

With water storage options from 12,000L up to 500,000L, there is sure to be a tank for you - or in the case of many cattle stations and rural communities we have provided water storage to - multiple tanks spread across your property.

climate map of western australia including tropical climate region
detailed climate map of western australia including various tropical climate regions

Western Australia's Tropical Region

Despite the fact that the Tropic of Capricorn bisects the state of Western Australia almost perfectly in half, cutting through the Pilbara and towns such as Newman and Paraburdoo, these areas aren't tropical - in fact most of the areas along the Tropic of Capricorn are desert regions.

Western Australia's tropical region is primarily made up of a tropical savanna climate classification, and is the least populated climate region in the state - even the desert regions have a higher population, thanks to a larger area as well as a range of mining towns.

The towns within Western Australia's tropical region - in the far north of the Kimberley - are small communties like Kalumburu, Wyndham and Oombulgurri, and are often exposed to high rainfall and tropical cyclones, hence why they are so sparsely populated.

As with many towns in tropical regions, these towns see wildly disparate rainfall, with Wyndham experiencing on average 85% of its rainfall between December and March, and often not seeing a drop between May and September. Kalumburu, has a similar disparity, with May to September being as dry as the southern desert regions, but with even more rainfall coming in the wet season, with an average of more than 300mm in January alone.

These long stretches without rainfall makes it all the more important to have adequate rainwater storage, in order to get you through the long dry seasons in Western Australia's tropical regions.

No matter where you are in Western Australia, we will endeavour to provide you with a high quality rainwater tank, so if you're in the state's far north tropical region, give us a call or fill out a contact form, and we'll get you in touch with your local installer.

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a large zincalume water tank in the drier parts of western australia's tropical north