October 3

The Cattlemen’s Tank

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Introducing The Cattlemen’s Tank

“The long-life tank, designed by cattlemen, for cattle country”

“We know our customers and they know their stock, their country and their business – and that is why when they speak, we listen” said Daniel Wyatt, General Manager of Pioneer Water Tanks.

long-life Cattlemen’s Tank is the result of a collaboration between Pioneer Water Tanks and one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic family-owned pastoral companies. A family company that is a four generation pastoral dynasty with 130 years of experience running cattle and sheep on tough country.

The type of family company where assets are bought or made to last so they can be passed from one generation to the next. A company that is continuously thinking and evolving, always looking to improve and innovate. A company looking for a 50+ year lifespan from a water tank.

The story of the Cattlemen’s tank starts 15 years ago with a Station Manager in the East Kimberley who had some ideas of his own about secure and reliable water storage. 

Having grown up and lived his entire life in some of the toughest sheep and cattle country in Australia he started experimenting with designs for long life water tanks.

He achieved some very promising results, but found he was limited in his ability to apply cost-efficient manufacturing techniques and anti-corrosion surface treatments out in the bush, and he was utilising expensive and non-trades station labour to fabricate tanks when they should have been managing cattle.

“When Pioneer Water Tanks was introduced to the project, we immediately saw the potential of the tank” said Daniel. “We took a very good idea and refined it with the application of professional engineering, materials science and tradesman-quality fabrication, we turned it into an outstanding long-life product.”

The Cattlemen’s Tank is a water tank that will stand the test of time in Australia’s toughest country. For more information, call Pioneer Water Tanks on (08) 9374 4577.

The Cattlemen’s Tank – for the next generation.

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