Temperate Climate Regions of Western Australia

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A GT130 Pioneer Water Tank in mangrove installed in the temperate climate region of western australia

Pioneer's GT Range of Rainwater Tanks - Designed for rural Western Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks have been working side by side with rural families and farms all across Western Australia for over thirty years now, and this means that we've tested our water tanks in every one of the state's varying climate conditions and they passed with flying colours.

Temperate climate regions - sometimes referred to as tepid climates - occur below the subtropics, and above the polar regions, with very little of the southern hemisphere experiencing these climates. In Australia, only a small part of Western Australia - along with Victoria and Tasmania - join countries like New Zealand and the lower halves of Chile and Argentina in this climate region.

As very little of Western Australia makes scrapes in to this lower latitude region - and the majority of it coastal - these areas experience a dry summer temperate climate, with distinctly dry summers, and mild wet winters. This is what has resulted in the Karri Forests and Mallee Woodlands in these areas that make them so popular to tourists.


However, not all of the towns in these regions are as wet and rainy as many seem to believe, where despite their distinctly cooler weather, towns like Esperance, Hopetoun and Bremer bay only experience around 400mm-500mm of rainfall annually, whilst Augusta, Pemberton and Pinjarra all receive in excess of 1000mm a year.

The cooler areas with less reliable rainfall are the ones more likely to rely on a rainwater tank, but areas like Pinjarra or Mundaring - where the summers are likely to be long, hot and dry - water storage is equally important to see out the dry periods.

climate map of western australia including temperate climate region
detailed climate map of western australia including various temperate climate regions

Western Australia's Temperate Region

Western Australia's temperate region is easily Western Australia's most populous climate region, as some of the southern and eastern parts of the Perth Metropolitan Area fall within this region, as well as four of the ten largest urban centres in the state in Bunbury, Busselton, Albany and Esperance.

The state's dairy farming is entirely contained within this region, falling between Harvey and Albany, and the South West and Great Southern regions produce large portions of the state's livestock and cereals as well as fruit and vegetables, making it a crucial cog in the state's economy.

These agricultural farming ventures all require reliable water storage, in order to ensure that they have enough water year round, and that's where Pioneer Water Tanks comes in. Rainwater tanks are crucial to the way of life of thousands of sandgropers, and not just farms, but the families who live in these regions, who utilise rainwater for their drinking, showering and gardens.

With several dealers in the temperate climate region of Western Australia, Pioneer Water Tanks can ensure local and professional service, from water tank installers who know your region well - because it's their region too.

Pioneer's range of steel water tanks starts as low as 12,000L and goes all the way up to 500,000L, meaning that farmer or family, we can make sure that you have enough water storage for your property. Pioneer Water Tanks are also available in a range of Colorbond® colours, as well as the standard classic Zincalume® finish, to ensure that the water tank seamlessly fits in to your property.

No matter where you are in Western Australia, we will endeavour to provide you with a high quality rainwater tank, so if you're in need of water storage,  give us a call or fill out a contact form, and we'll get you in touch with your local installer.

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