TankMate 4G Water Level Indicator

Effortless Water Tank Level Monitoring

Now available with your Pioneer Water Tank is the new and improved TankMate water tank level sensor. All you need is mobile reception to monitor your tank wherever you are!

A Smart Tank for the Modern Farmer





Be informed, not overworked

You need to know what is going on around your farm or property at any given time. Take the stress out of water storage, with live monitoring.

Transform your rainwater tank into a smart tank, using technology to your advantage.

Leading the way in water

TankMate 4G Specifications

LTE (cellular) connectivity over Telstra NB-IoT

Durable polycarbonate enclosure: IP68

Size: 150 x 68 x 42mm (including mounting tabs)

1mm sensor resolution

30mm hole required for installation on a tank

Power: 3 x AA 1.5v batteries (included)

Up to 3 years battery life* with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (included)

24 month return to base warranty

*Typical battery life, with data published twice per day. Poor signal quality may further reduce battery life.

Easy to install, Easier to monitor

Note: Cellular connected product - ensure your tank has Telstra network coverage. iOS or Android mobile app required for initial set up.

R3 Water Tank Level Sensor

Tankmate's most advanced sensor to date, the R3 water tank level sensor provides accurate and affordable water tank level monitoring.

With a fully sealed unit that utilises a non-contact radar sensor to measure rainwater tank levels with millimetre accuracy, you are sure to have years of hassle free operation.

The R3 sensors are housed inside a robust polycarbonate enclosure with an IP68 weatherproof rating to ensure it can stand up to the elements.

Powered by 3 x AA Lithium batteries, the sensor requires no external power and provides intelligent battery monitoring via the mobile app.

Simpler water tank monitoring for a modern world.

TankMate Smart Tank Features

  • Durable Polycarbonate
  • Fully Sealed Sensor Unit
  • Power: 3 x AA 1.5V Batteries
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Gasket and Lens
  • Read and Reset Button

These incredible units are now being offered as an optional accessory with your new Pioneer Water Tank, and can be fitted to existing water tanks - no need for that old rainwater tank gauge.

This sensor can be used with a variety of tank types and shapes, and a single sensor can be used to monitor multiple tanks that are connected and have a common level.


You now understand the key benefits of the the new TankMate Water Level Indicator.