November 27


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Since the start of January the Dyers have received over 23 inches, that’s nearly half their annual rainfall! They’re excited about the future. With big smiles and open hearts, there’s a lot of good stuff to talk about over a beer with Justin and Sally Dyer!

Most important questions first, choice of refreshment?

Where does your water come from?

“So our key water comes from the Tindal Aquafer. This has been our reliable source of water for livestock and the homestead since the mid 1970s.”

How are you managing water for livestock?

Bore water is managed via a setup of turkeys nests, tanks and troughs. Water captured from the wet season is held by dams which helps to spread out watering points for livestock.  The station spans 4,500 sq km and carries around 17,000 Brahman cattle so giving cattle access to plenty of clean water without having to walk 100km for it is important for their health and maintaining weight.

The bore water is pumped from approximately 90 – 120 meters underground to key watering points positioned strategically throughout paddocks to encourage even grazing. “

What’s one tip for maintaining a good watering point for livestock?

“Having a program in place to check bores regularly –this is a proactive approach to maintaining water infrastructure to ensure cattle always have access to clean drinking water in a safe environment.”

How essential is clean water to your family?

“Very! Having clean and good quality water for our family and staff is essential. At the homestead, we have 3 large rainwater tanks, which tends to last us all year round. We are also very fortunate that our bore water quality is good. Our family, staff and livestock all drink the same water. We probably take that fact for granted. We are very fortunate that we don’t have to think twice about drinking the water. We are proud to be water managers and only utilize what we need. When developing new country for livestock, we can focus on exactly where we want the bore to optimize grazing. This is because we know wherever we drill, the water quality will good.”

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