January 15


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Susanne Hunter from Gelorup, WA

Susanne lives in Gelorup, a town 200km south of Perth, near Bunbury with her 89-year-old mother, Elizabeth for whom she is the sole carer.


Susanne had owned her existing tank for 25 years and due to wear and tear it had incurred a few leaks. As she relies on rainwater, having a good tank is essential.

“There’s no scheme water at all so I rely very heavily on rainwater from the tank. I have got bore water but it’s not nice to drink,” she says.

“We can go through at least three months without rain through summer. The last one was a long, dry one so we probably wouldn’t have collected rain last summer for about four months.”

What she needed was a reliable and durable solution that would accommodate the volume of water she needed for her property while not costing the earth.


“Living in the bush, you’re used to seeing the name Pioneer on tanks,” she says.

The team at Pioneer replied to Susanne’s enquiry regarding a new tank promptly, convincing her of their expertise and knowledge around what would best suit her needs and offering to replace her existing tank.

She purchased a GT110 (110,000 litre) Colorbond® tank, increasing her existing storage volume by 20,000 litres. The tank was installed “very fast” despite her country location.

“The team who installed the tank were very friendly and efficient. They were also very informative about the product.”

“It looks good, and fits well,” she says. “It takes up the same size space as the old one but it’s higher so it can hold a greater volume of water.”

Following the tank installation in August, Susanne sees it as a long-term solution to get her through the next 25-30 years.

“I’m confident it’ll be reliable and get me through as long as the last one did.”

“I have peace of mind now – I don’t have to worry,” she says.


Susanne  made  a  smart  decision  in  contacting  an  expert  for  advice  on her  unique  situation.    At  Pioneer  Water  Tanks  this  is  what  we  do.    We  listen  to  your  needs  and  advise  the  most  efficient  method  to  achieve  your  goals  and  objective. 

We  are  available  for  consultations,  so  give  us  a  call  to  see  how  we can  help  you.

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