Subtropical Climate Regions of Western Australia

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Pioneer's GT Range of Rainwater Tanks - Designed for rural Western Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks have more than thirty years of experience in installing large steel water tanks across all reaches of Western Australia, from the arid areas near Merredin and Norseman, to the plentiful rains of Busselton and Pinjarra, meaning we know these tanks stand up to the tests the Western Australian climate can throw at them

Subtropical regions, often referred to as a Mediterranean Climate, are typified by their hot dry summers, and cooler winters with more rainfall. The Mediterranean part of the name comes from the similarities to the climate in the lands of the Mediterranean Basin, and most of Western Australia's population lives within this climate region, from Perth itself, up to Geraldton, and including inland centres such as Northam, Bullsbrook and Merredin.

With this range of locations comes a range of different feels to the climate, as the subtropical classification simply refers to the distinctly dry summer when compared to the winter months, where locations like Perth and surrounds see 800mm or so a year, while towns like Merredin see as little as 300mm.


This makes the region prone to different landscapes and agricultural regions, as well as different rainwater harvesting and water storage requirements, especially with almost half of the state's population located within the smallest climate range.

climate map of western australia including subtropical climate region
detailed climate map of western australia including various subtropical climate regions

Western Australia's Subtropical or Mediterranean climate regions

The region's subtropical climate means that even in the drier areas, there is still rainfall each winter, and in the areas further south and closer to Perth, this rainfall is more reliable, and the dry season more forgiving.

This region, from the southern parts of the Mid-West, down to the Perth Metropolitan area, supports a wide range of the state's economy, from fruits grown in the area such as the citrus from Bindoon to Gin Gin, or the wine grapes grown in the Swan Valley, as well as fields of canola or lupins found on the drive up the Brand Highway to Geraldton or Dongara where you will find profitable fishing operations

Many of the people who live in these areas - either on farms or simply rural residential properties - rely on rainwater to survive, particularly those who don't live close enough to towns or service centres to rely on town water. And for those in the drier inland or northern reaches, this stored water becomes even more important.

With a range of rainwater tank sizes from 12,000L all the way up to 500,000L of water storage - in both Zincalume® and a range of Colorbond® colours - there is sure to be a water tank to suit your individual needs, whether you are looking for water for your home, or are a grazier or grower tending to crops or livestock.

No matter where you are in Western Australia, we will endeavour to provide you with a high quality rainwater tank, so if you're in need of water storage,  give us a call or fill out a contact form, and we'll get you in touch with your local installer.

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