Cattle Station Stock Water Tank

Stock Water Tanks 

Advanced cattle stations have figured this out...

You’ll find storage tanks for cattle stations in our DNA. Our passion, blood sweat and tears can be found all over this beautiful country. We’re proud of the fact our tanks get the job done and perform outstandingly well in some of the most difficult and arid conditions on this planet. 

We have a vast list of features built into our water tank to increase long term performance. Smart investors have found they can rely on Pioneer Water Tanks to hold water and keep their valuable cattle alive. A little bit more is a whole lot more, and our product goes a long way towards a sustainable future.

I would highly recommend anyone to purchase a Pioneer Water Tank over any of the other tank options, and I especially recommend Jared Wilson – he’s a great asset to Pioneer, and after dealing with him for 18 months I consider him a good friend.



Stock Tanks That Perform In The Outback

Our cattle station water tanks are designed for the tough country and harsh climate of northern Australia. If you are looking for a water tank that will last the test of time, you’ve come to the right place. Pioneer Water Tanks have stood the test of time in tough country for over 30 years.

Frequently Asked Stock Water Tank Questions (FAQs)

Yes. our water tanks are manufactured and built for all sorts of applications and they can handle the tough conditions of a cattle station.

Yes. We have one of the most advanced tank liners on the market. The AQUALINER FRESH® tank liner can handle water temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

We fusion weld the liner seams twice (doubled welded seams) to provide you with the ultimate reliability in water storage.

Yes. Pioneer Water Tanks is the only water tank company with a truly national dealer network covering our great country. Utilising the resources of the Pioneer Dealer Direct® network, we can install water tanks anywhere.

If the project is specific and involves a large quantity of water tanks, we can deploy our own staff who work on complex tank installation projects across the globe. Pioneer installs many hundreds of tanks per year in northern Australia.

pioneer stock water tanks

You are backed by our 20 year warranty and supported by the local expertise and service of the Pioneer Dealer Direct® network. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and our after-service is second to no one.

We have some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the country and because we only use Australian made products our lead times are short. Contact us to see how long it will take to make your tank. We will meet your needs.

Yes. We can provide you with a water tank that has facilities ready to take on water from most water sources.

If you are taking water from a bore, dam or river, we recommend (where possible) that you install your water inlet at the bottom wall of your water tank.

It might seem unusual but the best water tank performance comes from bottom inlets. As a last resort you can use a top inlet. Call our consultants about your solution.

Top inlets create tiny wave actions on the water service when water enters the tank and sometimes water can splash into the roof area. If you can, you should avoid this.

When you fill from a bottom inlet you should be pushing into a volume of water, water levels simply rise and fall, and there’s no splashing.

You might be thinking there’s a lot of water inside pushing back into your inlet, that’s not the case.

When you send water to the top of a two-metre water tank you have two metres of head pressure. With this in mind, if the water level inside your tank is sitting at one metre you have one metre of head pressure, two metres equals two metres of head pressure and so on.

We provide a full suite of features; AQUALINER FRESH® tank liner, double fusion-welded liner seams, adaptive swivel foot roof truss connector, roof access hatch, external hook on ladder, 80mm overflow, 80mm outlet and valve (multiple if required), and 50mm inlet.