March 9

Spence & Kerrie’s Water Security for Off Grid Living

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Spence & Kerrie from Mia Mia, VIC

You might recognise these friendly faces from the popular show, The Block! Read on to hear why they chose Pioneer Water Tanks for their water storage on their new off-grid property. 


Kerrie and Spence made the decision in 2019 to finally make the move off-grid and live in regional Australia to become more self-reliant. 


The pair purchased a 120-acre property in Mia Mia, Victoria, located 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD in September 2019 with the goal to build their dream home. 


One of the first things Spence looked into were the components of moving off-grid. A large factor of this choice is having a sustainable, reliable source of water. 

“That technology was so simple and so clever, and it works out that we get an extra 35,000L a year just off the roof of the water tank. There’s a lot of water tank providers out there that don’t have that facility,”

“We’re aware it takes a while to recoup the initial costs from spending on this type of build, but it’s nice to know that down the track everything we produce on site we won’t have to pay for,” says Spence. 


They first considered bore water, however their neighbours had expressed to them that their bore water produced a salty taste, so it wasn’t ideal for consumption purposes. 


So when they started looking for a rainwater tank provider, Spence and Kerrie went with Pioneer Water Tanks not just because of the quality design and look, but also the Smart Water Saver rain caps. 


Spence and Kerrie’s local dealer was Specialised Tank Services, who provided them with a whopping GT250 (250,000L) for their property. 


“We decided to go with a much bigger tank than we probably needed, purely to have that back-up in case we’re caught in drought,” explains Spence. 


They also have four dams on the property – all of which were full and overflowing in spring last year thanks to the season’s rain. They were all bone dry the same time the previous year. 


“Now that the tank is installed, we’re happy to see this continuous supply of water,” says Spence. 


The Specialised Tank Services team completed the tank installation in mid-July 2020. They connected it to the new shed built next to it, as well as the house. 

“The shed has 240m2 of roof space to collect water from, plus the house has 400m2, then if we connect the stable that’ll be another 150m2! We’d like to think with all that roof space we can fill that tank well.” 


The big seller for Kerrie and Spence in choosing Pioneer was the rain saver caps, ‘Smart Water Savers’. 


This device uses clever thinking, futuristic innovation with a patented design, and overcomes all the shortfalls of old ways of collecting water off the tank roof. 


The Smart Water Savers has the ability to catch an extra 25% of a tank’s total capacity. 


“That technology was so simple and so clever, and it works out that we get an extra 35,000L a year just off the roof of the water tank. There’s a lot of water tank providers out there that don’t have that facility,” says Spence. 


Due to the unpredictable year we had in 2020, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works with the house build’s timeline. Kerrie and Spence purchased the tank back in January 2020, but only had it installed in July due to restrictions. 


“The Pioneer and Specialised Tank Services team were great to deal with – they were a good group of installers, and the people in the office were fantastic. It was all very streamlined,” explains Spence. 


“We had to put things on hold and this caused delays. We had money management to figure out and just wait for everything to fall into place. 


“Specialised Tank Services were good with the time frame and made it work. They’re certainly known for their speedy installation – the tank was done within 5 hours of one day!” 


Now that everything is a-go on the property, Kerrie is excited to bring up her horse from the Barossa Valley in South Australia as well as their dog. The duo also plan to house a number of rescue animals – including a pig and a donkey. 

If you’re planning to make the move off-grid like 2018 The Block contestants, Kerrie and Spence, water storage is a fundamental starting point. Get in contact today for a free quote. 

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