February 21

Solving a Water Storage Problem

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How Guy Solved His Water Storage Problem

pioneer water tank

Guy was facing several water storage issues at his large property in Gidgegannup, which sits 40 km northeast of Perth.


The first problem was the size of the existing water tank on his property from when he purchased it.

“We’d get plenty of rain in winter and an occasional summer storm but didn’t have the storage capacity to get us through summer without heavily restricting our (water) usage,” said Guy.

Rainfall, however, was Guy’s next problem.

“The last couple of summers have been very dry and even with restricting our usage we had to buy in water five or six  times because our water storage just wasn’t working for us.”

With summer rain and storms forecast for Guy’s region over the coming months, and a new shed requiring a tank to catch stormwater, he needed a solution fast.

“we had to buy in water five or six  times because our water storage just wasn’t working for us.”

Guy - Gidgegannup, WA


Guy contacted the team at Watertorque Tanks, who are part of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® and with their advice purchased the GT130 (130,000L) Colorbond water tank.

Complete with water tank accessories such as a geotextile underlay, domestic level indicator, 50mm poly fire outlet and leaf basket upgrade, Guy says the structural design and quality made it an easy choice.

“It’s a great looking tank, and being a Pioneer I knew the quality was there in the design.”

“There’s definitely going to be a huge storage improvement when the next big rain comes that’s for sure with the size of this tank. Having water to spare is going to be a luxury.”

“Plus, the guys gave me great advice on how to make my existing tank more efficient and they installed a new, sturdier leaf basket.”

Guy adds that he was particularly pleased with the stormwater catchment install.

Watertorque Muchea supplied 100mm DWV pipe and fittings for the stormwater works install on the new shed, and even took back some of the 90mm pipe to help offset the install cost.”

So aside from receiving a great looking, quality water tank that provided him with extra storage capacity and stormwater catchment for his new shed, what does Guy say was the best part about his Pioneer experience?

“The service I received from start to finish from David and the team was faultless.”

“Right from when they came out for the first visit to the property and up to the install, they were so helpful and full of great advice.”

“They were just so hardworking and a pleasure to have on my property - they did a really tremendous job with the tank.”

Guy had his water storage problems solved through Pioneer helping him meet his storage needs. 

You see we’ve got you covered no matter what water tank size you’re after because we offer tanks from 12,000L right up to 500,000L.

For more than 30 years Pioneer Water Tanks has been leading the way in water and we’re proud to be Australia’s most trusted water tank company!

Discover the difference and speak to an expert today on 1800 046 650

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