April 20

Smart Water Storage Decisions For Livestock Owners

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Smart Rainwater Storage Options for Livestock Owners

Cattle Station Stock Water Tank

Restocking : Water availability and quality for animal health and productivity.

Water is the most essential nutrient for livestock well-being, and a decreased intake can negatively affect their health, reproduction and growth.

The recent surge in restocking thanks to much needed rainfall over the past few months has seen many graziers looking to restock after challenging drought conditions.

Ongoing water availability and security cannot be taken for granted, and with the variable climate and stresses being placed on our water resources, it’s even more crucial to make smart water storage decisions for YOUR new livestock!

Before restocking there are five things you need to consider:

  1. Effect of pasture recovery
  2. Quality and availability of water
  3. Suitability and class of livestock
  4. Potential biosecurity concerns
  5. Updating and maintaining your records

“Ongoing water availability and security cannot be taken for granted.”

Doing so can help YOU avoid mistakes and minimise unexpected costs!

  • Effect of pasture recovery

Be cautious of pasture recovery.

Rain after drought produces a flush of new pasture growth that has high water (80-85%) and low dry matter content.

The dry matter, or ‘green pick’, contains the nutrients required by livestock who will often stop eating supplied feed in preference of the new pasture. New fresh feed can often contain higher nitrate levels which can lead to toxicity. 

Its low availability and dry matter content however means stock can then starve.

  • Quality and availability of water

Is there an adequate supply of quality water on your operation?

Destocking again because the supply has been exhausted or contaminated is the last thing you need to happen!

Many graziers depend on dams and other sources of surface water storage which can potentially become contaminated, unattractive to livestock and possibly toxic.

Investing in a durable stock water tank where the capacity matches the number and size of your livestock is one option to ensure a solid supply of quality stock water.

Nardoo Homestead

Nick Panizza from Williams in WA increased his on-farm water storage by choosing two Pioneer tanks: the GT250 (250,000L) and the GT170 (170,000L).

The enormous water storage capacity of Nick’s Pioneer tanks provide another option over his dam and ensure his sheep have ongoing access to quality water.

  • Suitability and class of livestock

Patience is the word here, as you may need to attend a few sales to find what suits your operation.

Although you may have a preference for a particular breed that worked well for you before, it could also be a chance to start with genetics that are an improvement of what you previously had.

Think long term about the class of livestock that suits your environment and markets to avoid financial outlay on unsuitable stock.

  • Potential biosecurity concerns 

New stock can bring issues associated with disease and can potentially introduce other parasites, weeds and pests that may pose a risk to your existing stock and pasture.

Requesting an animal health statement may provide reassurance about the new animals’ health status as well as any treatments they may have had.

Isolation from your existing stock further allows time to reveal any health issues that may be of concern (as well as voiding any weeds or pests they may have bought with them).

  • Updating and maintaining your records

As a purchaser of livestock, it’s your responsibility to update the NLIS database of the stock you are transferring onto your property. The obligation is on you as the purchaser to ensure the transfer is done.

Your LPA records need to reflect these movements as well as it’s handy to quickly be able to refer to where the new stock came from and when.

So, when you’re ready to restock, the Pioneer team is here to assist you!

Restocking is an exciting part of getting back into business and Pioneer has helped countless agricultural operations over the years increase their water storage security.

When Paul McGrath, Boreman on Paraway Pastoral Company and his team in Rocklands, Queensland were looking to expand from 40,000 head of cattle to 70,000, they looked no further than Pioneer.

An impressive 120x GT220 Zincalume® Tanks delivered a reliable long term solution that met the drinking needs of their cattle.

We can do this because we have a vast list of features built into every water tank to increase long term performance.

You can rely on Pioneer Water Tanks to hold water and keep your valuable livestock alive as our tanks get the job done and perform outstandingly well in some of the most difficult and arid conditions on this planet!

If you’re restocking or looking for a water tank that will last the test of time, talk to us today on 1800 957 913

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