Smart Water Savers

Smart Water Savers 

No gutter required.... Catch water directly from your tank roof.

​​​​Exclusive to Pioneer and another world first, Smart Water Savers. It’s simply one of the most advanced methods in the world for collecting water directly off your water tank roof. This device uses clever thinking, futuristic innovation with a patented design. The Smart Water Saver overcomes all the shortfalls of those old ways of collecting water off your tank roof. Be surprised, for a little bit more you can afford the future and you can afford the best. Leading the way in water.

Our new tanks has brought our beef property into the 21st Century. 17 troughs, less walking and reliable supply of storage. WE LOVE IT.



Catch Extra Water Off Your Water Tank Roof With Smart Water Savers

If you have a large tank with a corrugated steel roof, installing the ‘Smart Water Saver’ could allow you the potential to harvest thousands of extra litres of rainwater falling on your tank roof.

smart water saver
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Smart Water Saver can catch an extra 25% of your tanks total capacity

  • Insect and mosquito resistant with 1.2mm slots

  • Low profile allows debris to pass over

  • Food grade material & UV stabilised

  • Securely fixed to your tank with class 4 tek screws

  • Efficiently catches water from your corrugated tank roof

  • Designed to last - with UV stabilised plastic

  • Designed to be safe - food grade material

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Frequently Asked Smart Water Saver Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Smart Water Saver can be installed to any tank that has a corrugated roof. You should check with your tank manufacturer first that this will not void any warranty you may have with your tank.

Smart Water Saver has relationships with reliable tank industry experts. If you email us at, we will provide details of the closest installation team.

An average 20,000 Gallon, 110,000 Litre (8.02m Diameter) Water Tank has a roof area of 50 square metres.

If your average annual rainfall is 600mm then the catchment from the tank roof is 600mm x 50 sm = 6,500 Gallons or 30,000 Litres of Free RainWater every year. This is effectively 27% of your tank volume.

Smart Water Saver’s design is intentionally low profile however depending on how many trees are in the tank area, you may need to clean the roof occasionally. Spraying the roof with a garden hose or using an electric blower will work.

Yes, Smart Water Saver is made from Food Safe material.

Yes Smart Water Saver is UV Stabilised.