Poly Tanks or Steel Tanks? Discover the difference


Poly Tanks



For strength and quality our tank liner is Australian Made and we use BlueScope Steel for the roof and body. We manufacture a high performance steel constructed storage tank.

*Delivery charge may apply. Tank requires a sand pad. All prices quoted include GST. We are using Zincalume Steel.

Discover the Difference

Poly water tanks small storage capacity isn’t enough for the everyday user and as a result, customers end up paying too much and are left with the added hassle of maintaining not just one water tank but multiple. Pioneer Water Tanks use strong, durable and proven BlueScope steel for our water tanks and they represent fantastic value when considering a foundation to store your fresh water supply. When purchasing a poly water tank customers are often left with greater costs and multiple tanks. The reason for this is that poly tanks often store a maximum of 50,000L of water and the average person consumes 100,000L or more in a year.

Pioneer Water Tanks can save our valued customers money, with one steel water tank offering exceptional quality, strength and value for money. Pioneer Water Tanks also give customers additional peace of mind with a 20 year warranty included with all tank purchases.

To store your valuable water assets insist on us, Pioneer Water Tanks.

Our fire-ready metal tanks include the following features;

  • One 50mm outlet and valve
  • One 150mm overflow down pipe and flap valve
  • Exclusive Australian made Aqualiner®
  • 1 set of sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection.


Fire Season

Australia’s dry climate makes bushfire season a serious issue that customers need to consider when purchasing a water tank. Poly tanks are made of plastic and are unable to weather and sustain a fire as well as steel tanks. Pioneer’s Water Tanks have been fire tested by the Australian Government Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre. Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to maintain their structural integrity and retain water during and after exposure to a fire front.

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