Platinum Tank Package


Don’t compromise your precious water supply. Value every drop.

  • Geotextile Underlay

    Recommended to protect your liner against
    damage from sharp objects such as stones or

  • Super Seal

    Keep your precious water free from dust, insects
    and other vermin.

  • Storz or Camlock 65mm

    A fast simple access method for firefighting.
    Fire trucks can access this outlet or you can even
    connect your own fire pump.

20 Year Conditional Warranty included!

  • RGP

    RAINWATER to your GUTTER then down
    your PIPE: the RGP kit manually flushes
    the first lot of roof debris from your
    tank, leaving only fresh,clean and
    healthy water inside your tank.

  • Level Gauge

    Keep an eye on vital water stores with a visual level gauge installed on
    the exterior of your tank.



*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Conditions apply. Additional fittings and accessories available as specified in our product brochure.