Optional Accessories

Did you know?

Your tank is fully customisable?

At Pioneer Water Tanks, we understand the many different ways in which each client uses their water tank. We also know how important it is that your water tank has been designed and built to suit the harsh Australian climate.

For this reason, we provide a range of additional accessories to optimise the serviceability and longevity of your tank.

Optional Accessories

Fire Protection Valves

Environmental Fire HoseFires are one of Australia’s biggest concerns with 50,000 bushfires occurring in Australia every year. Be bush fire ready with our fast, convenient fire protection valve.

All Pioneer Water Tanks products come with an additional 10,000L water reserve for fire fighting purposes.

Water Level Indicators

water-level-indicatorKnow exactly how much water you have in store at a glance with a water level indicator attached to the exterior of your tank.

You can choose between the traditional float and pulley system or a wireless system in a range of colours to keep an eye on water levels at any time.

Super Seal

supersealReduce the amount of dust, insects or frogs contaminating your precious water supply with Pioneer Water Tanks’ high-density foam sealer.

Bottom Scour Outlet

A bottom scour drain efficiently drains all water from your tank should you ever wish to empty it.

Fascia Strip

fasciastripThose customers concerned about the potential for sharp roof edges or want to achieve a sleeker, more modern look to their tank can purchase a custom designed fascia strip in a range of sizes, colours and designs.

Geotextile Underlay

Our geotextile underlay is the ideal way to protect your Aqualiner® from being compromised by sharp objects such a rocks or coarse sand that may be caught inside your water tank.

Want to discuss which optional extras are right for you? Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members and discover the difference.