Environmental Benefits

Did you know?

You are helping the environment and your local community by installing a water tank?

By choosing to harvest rainwater rather than consume mains water, you are contributing greatly to preserving Australia’s precious water reserves.

Not to mention, all of our tanks are made and assembled within Australia using 100% recyclable materials

You can help yourself and local fire fighters

Environmental Fire Hose

Each Pioneer Water Tank can be installed with a fire fighting coupling attachment and also allow for a dedicated fire reserve capacity if required. This will not only assist you, but will also help local fire fighters to combat a dangerous fire event in your area, or even on your property.

Independent fire testing by the Australian Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre ensures a Pioneer Water Tanks tank will maintain its structural integrity and retain water before and after a fire front.

You are supporting local Australian business

Pioneer Water Tanks has been a growing Australian business since 1988.

It is proud to support families and small businesses with employment in their local communities: thanks largely to the support of thousands of customers just like you.

Unlike many of our competitors, Pioneer Water Tanks’ employs a network of more than 50 distributors across the country. With Pioneer Water Tanks you deal directly with a local distributor who has been working exclusively with Pioneer Water Tanks for many years, is highly knowledgeable about our products and your primary contact for servicing and repairs.

Meet your local distributor or speak to one of our in house staff on toll free 1800 999 599.