June 17

Rainwater Tanks – Part of the Bigger Water Harvesting Picture

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Why does John Powderly from Young NSW choose to work with Pioneer Water Tanks?

John Powderly isn’t your normal Pioneer customer.

He’s the Managing Director of Powderly’s Pumping and Irrigation, a local business in Young NSW that purchases Pioneer tanks to then sell to their own customers as a package deal – with the tank, the pump, the pipe, the troughs; everything you might need for a rainwater tank.

Powderly’s Pumping and Irrigation has been in business for 30 years, and John has worked with Rick from the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®, Town & Country, for 15 years.

“You never have a problem with Pioneer they do an extremely good quality job, and we don’t get any call-backs on their work.”

What does John like about working with Pioneer Water Tanks?

“They’re very quick and efficient,” he says.

“They’re very helpful to the customers and to us – they always check to make sure nothing’s been missed.

“You never have a problem with them, they do an extremely good quality job, and we don’t get any call-backs on their work.

“They help us a great deal on all the jobs, and they also pick up water schemes for us in relation to tanks that people eventually come here to get.

“I’m proud to be associated with them – they’re such a good company to work with.”

What's the main thing customers say about Pioneer Rainwater Tanks to John?

“How unbelievably quick they install the tank, and the fact they never have any problems,” he says.

“We do the levelling of the pads and put the sand on them via a contractor, and Rick and his team do the tanks.

“They’re on the ball, on the go, they’re exceptionally good.”

Key features of a Pioneer tank include the Aqualiner FRESH® tank liner and Pioneer V-LOCK® tank wall profile – both unique to the Pioneer brand. We pride ourselves on being Australia-made.

If you’re in the market for a rainwater tank and want to experience top quality service, Pioneer is the way to go. Call us to day on 1800 875 157.

Visit Powderly’s Pumping and Irrigation website to learn about their services and products.

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