May 18

Pioneer Water Tanks – Proudly Australian Made

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Pioneer Water Tanks: Australian-Made, Always

Australian Made

There are a number of things we pride ourselves on at Pioneer Water Tanks – our product, our technology, our service. Put everything together and we can provide an experience like no other in this country.  

We’re also proudly Australian-made and -owned since 1988.

pioneer rain water tanks warranty

We have over 30 years of experience working and helping Australians with water storage solutions. Our Australia-wide Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® offers local options, and our tanks’ features are specifically built to withstand the harsh Aussie weather conditions while providing clean, fresh water.

“Pioneer has over 50 dealers across the country that offer expert local advice and support throughout your water tank installation and continued service life..”

Pioneer has over 50 dealers across the country that offer expert local advice and support throughout your water tank installation and continued service life. They’re family businesses that share our passion for producing quality water tanks, who pour their heart and soul into the Pioneer Water Tank product for the benefit of every customer.

Together we have built a formidable business that delivers success to our customers, creating a Pioneer family that spans throughout Australia. And for over three years, we’ve remained the industry leader by continually improving the engineering and technology that goes into every tank.

100% owned and operated in Australia, we ensure to make our rainwatertanks to the highest standards by maintaining tight levels of control over our design and manufacturing processes.

We firmly believe that Australian-made products are superior to imported products, and we understand the importance of knowing the provenance of our raw materials to ensure everything meets our high standards. We understand how precious your water supply is, and we take our responsibility to keep it secure very seriously.

That’s where our advanced technology, exclusive to Pioneer, comes into play.

We only use Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel up to 2mm thick in the production of our tank walls. All of the steel that goes into our roof structure is Australian made, with accessories such as roof hatches and ladders being made locally.

We’re the only tank company in Australia who doesn’t import tank liner fabric to make our liners. Our AQUALINER Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner is certified to Australian and international drinking water standards and it is 100% BPA-free. It’s a global breakthrough in clean water storage technology and it is only available from the leaders in water storage - Pioneer Water Tanks.

Our distinctive 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile was custom engineered for the sole purpose of water storage. It’s won an Australian Design Award and is your guarantee of strength and quality.

Pioneer Water Tanks’ second-to-none features allows our tanks to withstand the harsh Australian environment and provide water during the toughest of times.

By catching rainfall in the wetter months, the stored water will help you get through dry times and drought. For farmers, it can also look after your livestock by providing a constant water supply across the property.

The need for bushfire protection is forever paramount in Australia, which is why Pioneer’s structural steel tank body with an internal liner provides outstanding resistance to flames applied directly onto the tank body. Even after a significant fire front has passed over the tank, it retains its structural integrity and will continue to hold the stored water.

Having a water tank on your property also allows you to be more self-sufficient with your water supply and can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Our Smart Water Savers method uses a clever thinking, futuristic innovation that collects water off the tank’s roof, helping you catch rainfall to (literally) the last drop.

Pioneer’s Australian ownership, design and service is what makes the brand one of a kind.

We put our customers first, always, and ensuring they have a healthy, clean water supply that will hold out in Australia’s climate is our number one priority

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