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Sometimes you may need something a bit smaller.

“When dealing with precious water you want to know it’s safe with no compromise on quality – and they’re Australian Made what more could you need



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Frequently Asked Poly Water Tank Questions (FAQs)

A poly water tank can last up to 20 years (and sometimes longer), however this can be reduced when a tank is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. As poly water tanks are manufactured from a plastic material, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can result in surface chalking as the polymer oxidises. If left unattended, your poly tank may become brittle and crack.

Premature tank aging may be mitigated by purchasing a poly water tank that has been manufactured with a stabiliser resin during the moulding process.

Whilst this is a straight forward question, then answer is not so simple. The main reason for this is that poly water tanks are currently manufactured from a wide range of materials - making it quite difficult to compare "apples with apples".

Additionally, the addition or deletion of fixtures and fittings will also change pricing. It is recommended that you contact your local poly water tank company and provide an overview of your water harvesting project. This way you'll get a poly water tank price that is applicable for your unique needs.

Most people are very wary when it comes to their drinking water, especially with the decision of where to store it. Plastic water tanks are manufactured from food-grade safe, BPA free polyethylene plastic so they have been categorised as being safe.

By looking back at old water bills, you will get an idea of how much the cost of this precious resource has increased over time, and more than likely will continue to rise in the future.

Whislt investing in a water harvesting system may be costly in the first instance, the reduction on mains supply usage will see a saving. How much will be dependent upon the volume of water you can harvest, and how much you actually use. .

For strength and quality our tank liner is Australian Made and we use BlueScope Steel for the roof and body. We manufacture a high performance steel constructed storage tank.

*Delivery charge may apply. Tank requires a sand pad. All prices quoted include GST. We are using Zincalume Steel.

​ Poly water tanks small storage capacity isn’t enough for the everyday user and as a result, customers end up paying too much and are left with the added hassle of maintaining not just one water tank but multiple.

Pioneer Water Tanks use strong, durable and proven BlueScope steel for our water tanks and they represent fantastic value when considering a foundation to store your fresh water supply. When purchasing a poly water tank customers are often left with greater costs and multiple tanks. The reason for this is that poly tanks often store a maximum of 50,000L of water and the average person consumes 100,000L or more in a year.

Pioneer Water Tanks can save our valued customers money, with one steel water tank offering exceptional quality, strength and value for money. Pioneer Water Tanks also give customers additional peace of mind with a 20 year conditional warranty included with all tank purchases.

To store your valuable water assets insist on us, Pioneer Water Tanks..