Meet Laura! She’s a valued member of the Pioneer family. Laura originates from Nollamara, an inner suburb of Perth. Throughout her career, Laura has worked as an IT administrator for 12 years in the Health insurance sector, but later decided to switch course to work in scheduling and project support. It was this decision that led Laura to the current management position she has with us!

In a nutshell, Laura’s position primarily consists of looking after commercial projects from point of sale to installation/commissioning. Client liaison, mobilisation and scheduling are also major components of the job.

So, what does Laura love most about being a member of the Pioneer family?

Laura says that she enjoys the variety of the work and “the challenge of getting the projects completed successfully.” Laura’s proud to be a member of the Pioneer family because of the incredible people who make up the team. She treasures her relationships with her work colleagues and says that some of them, she’s been lucky enough to have worked with for more than five years now!

Laura says that at Pioneer, “we all working to the same end result and help each other when we can.”

In her spare time, you can catch Laura playing tennis or busy working out at the gym. When she wants to chill out, she likes to “Grab a drink and dinner on a Friday night at Cecchi’s Wine Bar – our local.”