Gary Enright from Katherine, NT

Gary and Maria Enright moved onto their Katherine block around 20 years ago, and have since had 3 children who have grown into hard-workers in their late teens. Life’s good in the Top End—but the stark contrast between the wet and dry seasons was taking its toll on the Enright family.

Unfortunately, their bore water—in addition to what little rainwater they managed to harvest—was “undrinkable for most of the year”.

“It was just terrible water,” Gary says.

“You could drink it in desperation… but they said it’s not drinkable.”


As a temporary solution, the family were forced to set an allocation of water—from their existing 30,000L rainwater tank—aside just for drinking. What a hassle!

“We kept 4000L aside for filling up the water jug,” Gary says.

“During the wet season we drank out of it, but most of the year we couldn’t.”

What the Enrights really wanted was an easy and permanent water solution. Aside from access to clean and safe drinking water for his family, Gary wanted to ensure that they were making the most of every drop—especially in the dry season when water feels all the more precious.

“Basically, I just wanted to increase our rainwater capabilities,” he says.


The solution to Gary’s problem was installing a GT110 model Pioneer Water Tank.  With a total capacity of 110,116 litres, that’s over 80,000 litres of extra water storage!

“I found the installation process good—really good,” Gary says.

“When Jack [from Pioneer] came out to help us prepare the installation pad, his laser level put my primitive labour to shame!”

The tank harvests water from a shed roof approximately 60 metres from the home; a large surface area for rainfall that was previously just wasted potential.

More to the point, the Enrights’ new tank ensures not only quantity but quality. With our superior tank liners protecting the water supply within every Pioneer Water Tank, the Enrights no longer have to rely on sub-par rainwater, or worse still—unsanitary bore water!

While Gary first considered installing a tank with gutters, he knew that it was better to choose a model where dust and debris could not accumulate. He picked a Pioneer Water Tank for this reason, because our gutter-less tanks are easier to keep clean and maintain.

“The other option we looked at had a gutter ‘round it… but considering the dust that accumulates… I couldn’t clean that as effectively as I can my model.”

Thanks to Pioneer’s superior product, Gary, his family, and Pioneer customers around Australia are no longer worrying about dust, debris, insects or dirty water… Phew!

The Enrights made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on their unique situation.  At Pioneer Water Tanks this is what we do.  We listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective.

We are available for consultations, so give us a call to see how we can help you.