Graham Betts from Epsilon Station, QLD

Graham and Sharon Betts own large properties in both Queensland and South Australia, on which they run around 10,000 head of organically-reared cattle.

It goes without saying that a reliable water supply is VITAL to the wellbeing of their stock, but the couple also need a clean and safe water supply to their home.

This can present a challenge, as their water is mainly pumped from bores and dams.


A few years ago, Graham and Sharon relied on small, poly tanks that were beginning to wear with age.

“We’ve had a lot of trouble with poly pipes and poly tanks splitting… that sort of stuff,” Graham says.

“We wanted something well-structured and well-built.”

Unfortunately, the Betts found that most tank companies were not willing to travel to their remote stations and personally install the product; and they wanted reassurance that the job would be done properly.

“We started ringing around and we were told we had to put them up ourselves, or we had to find a contractor to put them up.”

What a hassle!


Luckily, Graham thought to get in touch with Pioneer Water Tanks. By ringing     1800 957 913, he reached our head office and was connected to his local Accredited Pioneer Dealer. 

The team were more than happy to deliver the product and construct the tanks on site.

“We bought four 35,000 gallon tanks first up—and we’ve been buying them ever since,” Graham says.

Having now purchased an impressive 22 tanks, the Betts have just 6-8 more to install before their superior water network is complete.

“We’ll have over 30 then, so if anything happens to them we’ll be in a lot of trouble!” Graham jokes.

He can afford to laugh about this—Pioneer’s 20-year warranty means he can be sure his tanks will last well into the future.

“We’re really happy with them.”

“The three blokes that put them together for us are really good at it… and it doesn’t take them long, that’s for sure!”

“We liked that you can get all different sizes, and that there’s a tap around 2 foot from the base. This reserve means if anything happens, you can just turn the tap on and you’ve still got a fair bit of water in the bottom.”

As for the home’s drinking water, Graham says a Pioneer Water Tank has made a real difference.

“There’s a lot of sediment in dam water, so what they’ve done is put a drain in the bottom. That way, you can just turn a tap on, get in there barefoot and give it a sweep, which is really good.”

“No birds can get into them, nothing gets inside them at all.”

Having worked closely with Pioneer over the last few years, it’s no surprise that Graham speaks fondly of the team.

“They’re just really good blokes to deal with,” he says.

“We try to feed them the best we can when they get here, because it’s a long way from anywhere! And they sort of fit in like family now—really they do.”

“We know we’ll get the best service out of them all. They treat everybody the same, that’s why they’re so well-liked.”

“It’s not just us—all the neighbours around here are getting Pioneer tanks now!”

The Betts made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on their unique situation.  At Pioneer Water Tanks this is what we do.  We listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective. 

We are available for consultations, so give us a call to see how we can help you.