Farming Family Proud – The McKay Family, NT

MEET the McKay Family from Umbearra Station 300km South of Alice Springs! For 54 years the McKay family have been farming cattle. Now Angus and Kimberley are raising their own cattle baron in 3-year-old Ollie!

Pioneer Water Tanks
Kimberley and Angus McKay

How did Angus first get into the beef industry?

Angus (known as Gus) was born and raised on Umbearra Station. He carries a family legacy as the third generation to manage cattle on the 3,600 square kilometre property.  Gus’s grandfather, Leath McKay, owned a number of properties in South Australia before purchasing Umbearra Station in the NT. Angus’s Father, Thomas, moved out to Umbearra when he was 16 years old. Gus has followed in his father’s footsteps, where they both went to school in Adelaide before spending the remainder of their lives on Umbearra Station.

Pioneer Water Tanks
Kimberley and Ollie helping Dad sort the cattle at the yards

What do you and your family love most about being cattle producers?

“We love being cattle producers because it’s more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Our remote existence creates a strong family bond.”

Pioneer Water Tanks
Kimberley and Ollie out and about on Umbearra Station

How does your little tacker love to get involved?

“We try to involve Ollie with everything we do on the station. He enjoys just being part of all the day-to-day jobs and has learnt to adapt since a young age. We look forward to watching him grow and develop with this unique lifestyle that we all love.”

Pioneer Water Tanks
Ollie has been captured by his Dad’s ‘noisy’ Honda motorbike!

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