June 30

Pioneer Contributes to a Sustainable and Ecologically Focused Design

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Anthony Nemeth from Kangaroo Valley NSW

Anthony has been part of The Nemeth Group for 21 years, a business currently dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable, ecologically sensitive and self-sufficient property located 160km south of Sydney in the idyllic Kangaroo Valley.

The project employs best practice design principles and construction methods, harnessing 100% renewable energy while conducting large scale native forest regeneration and invasive species eradication.

This completed stage one of the project, and stage two plans to establish an orchard and productive gardens employing best practice organic farming methods to help reduce our reliance on herbicides and pesticides.

“It is hoped that this will evolve into a place of teaching and sharing knowledge and produce with the local community and children who are increasingly removed from the reality of the impact we are having on our environment.”

“When the tank was installed, I was really surprised when he showed up at 9:30am and by 12:30pm the majority of the tank was erected – I thought it was phenomenal”

The Nemeth Group purchased 200 acres of agricultural land which incorporates sections of critically endangered rainforest. Throughout this land are two large creeks, but in November 2019 they ran dry for the first time.

With an existing 50,000L Pioneer water tank on the property from previous owners, Anthony decided it was time to invest in a second tank for the security and safety of the land.

Surrounding neighbours all use Pioneer Water Tanks for their water storage, and when his water contractor suggested Pioneer as the brand for the job, Anthony made the call to NSW Water Tanks, an accredited Pioneer Water Tanks Dealer.

Joel from NSW Water Tanks sold Anthony a GT250 (250,000L) in October 2019, but due to the bushfire crisis impacting the land, followed by torrential rain and now the pandemic, the project was completed in May this year.

“Up until now the 50,000L tank was enough, but with the dry creek and recent bushfires we needed to add more storage to the property,” explains Anthony.

“Our existing fire-fighting tanks were also filled to their max, so the new tank needed to add to this supply.

“We’re located in a very wet part of the state with very high rainfall, so we’re not used to being in such a dry condition.

“After the bushfire situation, we’ve been rethinking our resilience to drought and fire; for me, the very simple thing to do is put a larger tank in to have a backstop.

What was Anthony’s experience like with Pioneer Water Tanks and NSW Water Tanks?

He had no problem with the team and was impressed by Joel’s understanding of the reoccurring rescheduling of the installation due to environmental impacts.

“When the tank was installed, I was really surprised when he showed up at 9:30am and by 12:30pm the majority of the tank was erected – I thought it was phenomenal,” says Anthony.

“It was finished the next day. they were efficient, friendly, did everything well, and no little things were left off – for example, the overflow pipes.”

Anthony is passionate about harnessing new technologies and principles so as to build in harmony with our natural environment and reduce human impact on our ecosystem.

Pioneer was honoured to contribute to such a sustainable and ecologically focused design with Anthony’s business. If you’re working on a project that’s looking to be sustainable with its water supply, give us a call on 1800 875 157

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