With over 50 experienced Pioneer Dealers around the country you can be assured of expert local advice and service from the start of your search for a tank through to installation and throughout it’s long service life.

There are numerous points of difference and benefits which set us apart from our competitors, but the single most valuable benefit to our customers is the outstanding local service and support you will receive from your local accredited Pioneer Dealer.

Pioneer Dealers are local people running local businesses, doing extraordinary things. They are all experts in their field and they are passionate about providing the best water tanks and advice.

Our dealers are typically small business owners, working hard in their local communities to deliver an exceptional product with unmatched service to your door step. Their reputation is their most valuable asset.

You see, no matter how much effort we put into designing and manufacturing a tank, it has to be installed correctly, so it’s only as good as the person who’s building it on your property. We’re very confident that we’ve got the best trained and most experienced tank builders in the country.

When you deal with Pioneer you actually deal with the Pioneer Dealer Direct® network, Australia’s largest network of experienced local tank experts.

Trained and accredited by Pioneer Water Tanks, your local Pioneer Dealer will manage the project from start to finish, including a trouble-free installation and after sales service. The Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network makes it easy for you.