April 3

Optimsing Your Water Sources

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Optimising Your Water Sources

rainwater tank for water harvesting


Looking to utilise more rainfall, Steven was keen to install a water tank that connected to his hay shed in order to harvest the rain water.

“I thought we could improve how we were optimising our water sources,” explains Steven.

“So, we decided to get a tank in! We might even put another in later on – we’ve got a couple of hay sheds and a big house that we can harvest rainwater from.

“The ultimate goal is to also go solar and get off the grid.”

Going off-grid is a very popular reason for investing in water storage, and it’s a big incentive for a number of Pioneer customers – check out Leonie’s story on how she’s gone completely off-grid in Morangup, WA by choosing Pioneer Water Tanks.


Steven’s brother who lives up the road had recently had a tank installed by Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® member Huckleberry Water Tanks, so choosing a tank supplier wasn’t a hard choice for him.

“Having seen how well it was done there, I really didn’t worry about chasing around anyone else,” says Steven.

“It was a case of just getting the job done ASAP with the hope of catching the rain we knew was coming, and that’s exactly what happened!”

He gave Huckleberry front man Chris a call, and he decided on a GT250 (250,000L) in Zinc. Between putting the sand pad down and constructing the tank, barely 10 days had passed before the system was in full use.

“The three blokes had the tank up in a day and a half, and I had another bloke install the pipes that connected to the hay shed,” says Steven.

“Only a couple of days after the tank and piping system was completed, we received 13mL of rain. The next two days we received a combined total of 35mL – it didn’t take us very long to harvest 15,000L, so we’re incredibly happy with the time the tank was installed.”

Why would Steven recommend Huckleberry?

“Chris really knows his stuff – I believe he’s an asset to the company in the way he conducts himself.

“Nothing was too much trouble – not that we had any trouble anyway. It went so smoothly and I couldn’t recommend the bloke enough!”

Steven was impressed with not only the products Pioneer supplied, but the way our staff handled his circumstance and catered to his needs.

Pioneer is passionate about quality customer service and the way we conduct ourselves consistently with our clients.

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