October 31


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John Geary from Caboolture, QLD

Residing in the warm Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, John and his wife have harvested rainwater their entire lives. They see buying a tank as a responsible step towards making the most of a finite resource.


As well as being mindful of sustainable water use, John is concerned about the myriad of chemicals added to mains water across the country.

His wife has difficulties with her skin, and John says that using the town’s water supply does not help her condition.

This is the main reason they opt for rainwater; a chemical-free, clean and safe alternative.


John had purchased a Pioneer Water Tank before—so when it came time to buy another tank, he knew who to call!

“We had a Pioneer tank previously and were very happy with it,” he says.

“There was an excellent approach taken from all people involved.”

In consultation with local Pioneer distributors, Divine Water Tanks, John settled on a GT60 model in his choice of Classic Cream.

With a capacity of over 62,000 litres, John can rest easy knowing he has a reliable supply of top-quality water at his fingertips.

But was the Pioneer team just as accommodating as the last time he dealt with them? Absolutely, he says!

“The staff at Divine Water Tanks were very responsive to any question we raised. They were flexible and timely in their approach.”

John made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on his unique situation. Here at Pioneer Water Tanks this is what we do.  Our dealers listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objectives.

We are available for consultations so give us a call to see how we can help you.

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