June 3

No Mains Water Supply – No Problem

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Megan & Dan from north east of Perth, WA

Megan and Dan are a DIY kind of family. The pair are building their FOURTH house, and this time they’re bringing the whole family with them to live there – including their two young sons and Megan’s parents.

“We’ve built standard project off-plan homes before, and this time having my parents come with us and needing something more suitable to our needs, we decided to do a custom build,” says Megan.

Pioneer VLock

The property they’re building on is 5 acres, and they don’t have a mains water supply.

“Moving in all together, we had to plan how much water we’d need and where we would store it – this was quite a process to work out.”

“Moving in all together, we had to plan how much water we’d need and where we would store it – this was quite a process to work out.”

Megan and her husband considered two water tank options: Pioneer Water Tanks and Heritage Tanks. It was Pioneer’s top-notch communication and cheaper prices that pulled them over the line.

The pair purchased the biggest tank their budget could afford – a whopping GT250 (250,000L) – from David at Watertorque, a member of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®.

“Dan had a good idea of how big this tank would be, but I couldn’t believe it when it was installed! It’s massive,” laughs Megan.

“David’s in constant communication to check on how things are going and when we were expecting to have the team come out to install it. He’s been brilliant.”

The couple purchased the tank about a year ago and marked October for the installation date, but due to delays with their build and site work they had to push this date back until April this year.

“This was no problem with Watertorque and they were really accommodating to our needs.”

The family’s custom-built home is designed to be accessible for all members of the family – including an elderly-friendly granny flat for Megan’s parents, and wide hallways and floor plans for their son, who has a disability.

“In regard to the water tank, we needed a huge tank to accommodate all our water usage due to no mains supply. This will initially be for the whole house, and for the garden if we have any left over.

“We’ve got a very sloped block so we have to look at what types of plants will be suited for that kind of terrain while being drought resistant, so we don’t have to use a lot of the water.

“It’s been very dry leading up to this Autumn. The rain is sort of starting so we’re just hoping it holds off until we finish connecting everything to the tank!”

Megan says the service she received from Watertorque was absolutely brilliant, their communication being a standout.

“When you’re building, communication is really vital and some places just don’t have that, she explains.”

“We had no issues – I was always able to contact David regarding scheduling or putting the installation off, and there were never any complications with that. It was all so easy.”

Have you recently bought a new block? Maybe you’re looking to wean off the mains water supply?

Pioneer Water Tanks is designed to suit your specific water storage needs. Get in contact today for a free quote.

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