April 15

More Water Storage With Pioneer Water Tanks

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Andrew Increase His Water Storage Capacity With Pioneer

Pioneer Rainwater Tank

Andrew Collins from Maralan, New South Wales (NSW)


Andrew planted trees in 2016, a lot of them, and he needs to ensure that they will grow.

With a property of 40 hectares, three of those hectares are dedicated to growing just under 1000 trees. He already had 140,000L of water storage and two dams, but he was in need of more water storage to cover weekly watering across the warmer months.

We wanted the security of having the space to capture any rain that may fall and be able to store it – and not in a dam,” says Andrew, noting the high evaporation of dam water during summer.

With a specific goal in mind, Andrew started to crack down on some tank research. It wasn't long before someone passed on the Pioneer name, though.

“We wanted the security of having the space to capture any rain that may fall and be able to

 store it – and not in a dam.”

Andrew Collins


Andrew was considering more plastic tanks, which he had been using as his current water storage system. His neighbour, however, showed him a different direction.

"He had recently purchased a Pioneer tank and explained the pricing,” says Andrew. "We figured out that at a rate per litre, Pioneer was the cheapest option. And this time I decided to go with a steel rainwater tank.

He got in touch with the people his neighbour had worked with – local Pioneer Water tank dealer Aquaflo Irrigation, a solid part of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®. With the help from Monica, he chose his tank in no time.

And a beautiful one at that – Andrew went with the COLORBOND® steel design In Woodland Grey® with
250,000L of storage (GT250).

Right before it was installed in August last year, Andrew also had a large COLORBOND® steel shed built with the idea of catching the rain from the roof and gutter system. This now filters through to the Pioneer tank, optimising as much rainfall as possible.

When working with the Pioneer and Aquaflo staff, Andrew was most impressed with their can-do attitude.

"After Id made the purchase, I then asked about a guttering system to catch the water that comes off the roof of the tank, and we discussed special water catching devices,”Andrew advised.

family in front of Pioneer Rainwater Tank

"The team were early to site on the day of installation, they worked long into the day, answered all of my questions – we even talked about other irrigation opportunities they could help us with.”

"It was a pleasure working with them.”

Andrew took advantage of his property and operation to catch the most rainfall possible, which is exactly what Pioneer love to help with.

No matter the goal, Pioneer is here to meet your water storage needs.

Speak to an expert today on 1800 941 022.

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