September 6

MEET Peter and Ann from Nardoo Station, QLD

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MEET Peter and Ann Woollett from Nardoo Station in the Gulf of Queensland.

Nardoo Homestead

Peter and Ann sure had their work cut out for them when they purchased Nardoo Station back in 2010. Peter describes the Station as containing “old, outdated water tanks” and “turkey nests” which were not adequate to water their 6,500 cattle.

What has been your biggest challenge as graziers?

For Peter and Ann, 2013 through to 2017 saw a long dry period which resulted in an increased demand for water, and a big challenge to their livestock enterprise. The Woollett’s cattle were often having to walk anywhere between 6-8kms for feed because the natural water streams and dams had dried up.

Peter and Ann have since turned the 250,000 acre property into an impressive establishment, with the help of a healthier rainfall average and the installation of numerous Pioneer Water Tanks. The couple currently live alone on the property, working hard to further develop their property and the Brahman and Droughtmaster herd.

nardoo homestead from on high

What has this season been like at Nardoo?

Peter explains that with the better rainfall, Nardoo is officially “back on track”. Lately, the Woollett family has received “fairly good” rainfall, with an average of 24-26 inches – finishing 2017 off on a positive note!

The couple relies on their new and well-established water system to keep the station and homestead complex maintained. Since arriving at Nardoo, they’ve developed 35 new watering points, meaning that their need for water is always met, and that Peter can now sleep easier!

The impressive Nardoo Station contains four houses, as well as two smaller dwellings where mustering contractors enjoy staying, and the station cook resides. For Peter and Ann, having a stable and reliable water supply is essential for them, their contractors, and their 6,500 cattle!

What’s the best thing about life on a cattle station?

For the Woollett’s, the best part about living on Nardoo Station is the open-space, freedom, and “not having anyone in your back-pocket”. And they sure do have the space to themselves; Nardoo Station is located three hours north of Cloncurry, and approximately 60kms from Gregory.

Nardoo homestead site of future watertank

They also enjoy working with the cattle, and believe that the cattle are running much better since the end of the dry period in 2016 and the installation of their Pioneer Water Tanks.

“The country is doing better and the cattle are doing better.”

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